Womps – Live A Little Less / Dreams On Demand

  • DAMNABLY035 – Womps – Live A Little Less / Dreams On Demand

Artist: Womps
Title: Live A Little Less / Dreams On Demand

Release Date: September 18th, 2015
Catalogue No.: DAMNABLY035
Format: [7″ AA single/DL] Available in Transparent or Black Vinyl


‘Live A Little Less’
‘Dreams On Demand’

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“Opening with a flurry of guitar noise, the track never lets up in intensity. Frontman Ewan Grant still manages to give an inkling of pop sensibility, singing bright melodies over drummer Owen Wicksted’s erupting drum fills. It has the marking of bands Albini’s previously worked with, like Nirvana and Cloud Nothings, but with a little bit of classic Glasgow sentimentality.” –Consequence Of Sound
“Womps are a Glaswegian band; a two-piece, really, featuring Ewan Grant on guitars/vocals and Owen Wicksted on drums, with assorted pals on bass. They formed out of the ashes of Algernon Doll, but the real banner headline, hold-the-front-page news is that their debut double A-side seven-inch single, Live a Little Less/Dreams on Demand, released on 18 September, was produced by Steve Albini. The results are predictably raw (recognise that live guitar and drum sound?) but cutely appealing in a ramshackle, off-kilter way, like Teenage Fanclub attempting their own version of In Utero. There will be an album soon – expect a rough mix of Glaswegian melody and Midwestern mayhem, sustained over 11 tracks.”
Paul LesterThe Guardian

“Steve Albini is known for a certain sound, a particular production style.

So when WOMPS flew out to Chicago to work with the American producer, they knew exactly what they were getting.The Glasgow two piece – augmented by numerous friends on bass duties – are indebted to early 90s indie rock, alongside the traditions and flavours of their native Glasgow. Hence you can expect the fuzzed up glory of Mudhoney seated next to Teenage Fanclub’s crisp melancholia, Pixies’ bite nestling against the innocence of The Vaselines. New double A-side single ‘Live A Little Less’ / ‘Dreams On Demand’ neatly encapsulates WOMPS’ illicit charms. Two slices of impactful songwriting, it’s reminiscent of Cloud Nothings or even Yuck.” Robin Murray Clash