The Magic Words (Lisa From Wussy) Remastered Compilation Tape & T-Shirt Bundle

Damnably055-The Magic Words – The Magic Words 18 track remastered Tape & T-Shirt Bundle.
Release Date Nov 24th 2017
High quality chrome tape in White or Grey (message choice when you order) with grey or lilac hand screen-printed shirt. Downloads included! Pre-Order at our Bandcamp
Artwork by Lisa Walker.

Damnably releases an 18 track remastered (by Matthew Barnhart) compilation of Junk Train (2006) & The Day We Ran Away (2015) on CD & Cassette.
Recorded and mixed in 2006 by Lisa Walker, both releases feature the bare bones of songs that were later to become fully formed Wussy classics but it’s Loaded For Bear that stands out and is just perfect in it’s own lo-fi drone-dream-pop way. The Magic Words
3.Melody Ranch
4.Loaded for Bear
5.Mayflies 03:21
6.Millie Christine
7. Watch Yer Back
8. Hello Goodnight
9. Killer Trees
11.New American Standard
12.Watch Yer Back
14.Rigor Mortis
15.Losing Streak
16.Tiny Spiders
17.Little Paper Birds
18.Watch Yer Back