Shonen Knife – Adventure

  • DAMNABLY040 – Shonen Knife – Adventure
Artist: Shonen Knife
Title: Adventure

Release Date: 1 April 2016
Catalogue No.: DAMNABLY040
Format: [CD/DL]

1. Jump into the New World
2. Rock’n’roll T-shirt
3. Calabash
4. Dog Fight
5. Wasabi
6. Green Tangerine (Kabosu)
7. ImI (Emoji)
8. Hawaii
9. Tasmanian Devil
10. Cotton Candy Clouds

Japanese cult pop punk trio Shonen Knife celebrate their 35th Anniversary this year with a brand new album Adventure, which sees the band delving deeper in to the 70s rock leanings that they explored on their last album Overdrive. As Naoko explains; “passing through the 70s, the music genre which was born as rock’n’roll developed to ROCK. This album is like that.” Musical references include Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Deep Purple, but of course, this is Shonen Knife, so there is still an excitable pop element to the music. There are catchy hooks and 60s girl-group inspired harmonies along the way but the album is firmly rooted in 70s Rock.

Recent Press
“The first single off their upcoming album Adventure, “Jump Into The New World,” carves out its place amongst their extensive catalog, continuing their mastery of the happiest punk you’ll ever hear.” Stereogum

“Rocks like Motorhead designed by Hanna-Barbara” Uncut

“Ultimately, without using superlatives, Shonen Knife should be set up for life as ambassadors for live music.” Clash Music

“There are two types of people: those who enjoy thrashy Japanese girl- punk, and those who have something wrong with them.” The Independent On Sunday

“Shonen Knife’s gloriously infectious buzzsaw rock & roll remains firmly in place to charm the pants off even the most of cynical and hardened of churls.” The Quietus

“The Osaka Ramones, you must concede, still have it.” BBC Music

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