Otoboke Beaver – Okoshiyasu​!​! Otoboke Beaver

  • DAMNABLY039 – Otoboke Beaver – Okoshiyasu​!​! Otoboke Beaver
Artist: Otoboke Beaver
Title: Okoshiyasu!! Otoboke Beaver

Release Date: 11 March 2016
Catalogue No.: DAMNABLY039
Format: [CD/DL]

1. Akimahenka
2. Anata Ga Falling Love Shita No Ha Watashi Ga Kirai Na Onnanoko
3. Sawarantoite
4. Otobokebeaver Daijikenbo
5. Ultra Miracle Super Saiya Phyche Festival v
6. Powerfull Busu
7. Beaver Ni Tsuretette
8. Onisan Anone
9. Otobokebeaver No Theme
10. Aisare Roulette
11. Burikko Bokumetsu
12 Monmon Katto Saizensen ~Koi Ha Inochigake~
13.Suki Suki Darling

This is the debut release outside Japan for ‘Otoboke Beaver’ of Kyoto, Japan. The band’s name is taken from a local ‘Love Hotel’ and the song subject matter is a screw you to bad love, devious boyfriends and general sexism. Otoboke Beaver are part of a new wave of feminist Japanese bands, defining themselves sexually and musically.

‘Okoshiyasu Otoboke Beaver’ is a compilation of the (sold out) singles (‘Akimahenka’ ‘Otobokebeaver Dai Jikenbo’) paired with their debut album ‘Mokugeki! Love Me Sign’ & mini album “Konya Kagiri Nante Zettai Honto Ni Iwasenai !”. ‘Okoshiyasu’ is Kyoto slang for ‘welcome’.

Otoboke beaver describe themselves as: “Japanese girls ‘knock out or pound cake’ band”. Formed in 2009’s summer in Kyoto, Japan, and consists of Accorinrin (lead Vocal & Guitar),
Yoyoyoshie (Guitar &Vocals), Hiro-chan (Bass &Vocals), Pop (Drums &Vocals). Live, the band invade the audience and have shared stages with Shonen Knife, Guitar Wolf, Pika☆/  (from AFRIRAMPO), DMBQ, Ni-hao!,BO NINGEN and COMANECHI.

Recent Press/Radio

John Kennedy (Radio X) “Fierce!”
Jon Solomon (WPRB) “This is GREAT. So much fun.”
Dani Charlton (Amazing Radio) RECORD OF THE WEEK “The first tasters are Akimahenka and Anata Ga Fall In Love Shita No Ha Watashi Ga Kirai Na Onnanoko, and even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can probably catch their drift. Turn it up as loud as you possibly can.”

Emi Morimoto (X Shonen Knife) “When I first watched their show, I couldn’t help moving my body and was in the front row of the crowd at the live house in OSAKA. Their cute looks and crazy performance won my heart. After that, I heard that they were 10 years my junior at the music circle of the Ritsumeikan University in KYOTO. The fact made my fondness of them grew bigger and bigger. Their music is splendid, not to mention their individual personalities and musicianship, too. It’s rare for bands in Kyoto to use the local dialect in songs, and especially rare for young musicians. Now, most musicians tend to move to TOKYO. But Otoboke Beaver are based in KYOTO and proud of that. It’s time for them to export their music to the world. People in the UK will certainly become their captive!! I hope Otoboke Beaver will become a bridge between Kyoto and the World. “

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