Otoboke Beaver “Love Is Short!!” CD/7″ Vinyl + Digital

Otoboke Beaver released their hit Single Love Is Short on 7″ Transparent Red Vinyl for Record Store Day 2017 (UK/EU/US & JP). It reached #67 in the UK Singles Chart.
It’s also available on Neon Orange 7″ Vinyl, CD & Digital from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon & streaming on Spotify.

Otoboke Beaver – Love Is Short!!

1. ラブ・イズ・ショート(Love is short)
親族に紹介して(Introduce me to your family)
いけず (Mean)

“The Kyoto feminist punks Otoboke Beaver blaze through “Love Is Short” with all the gravitational force of a brick to the ground. It’s sheer calamity and deliriously fun—supercharged, sugar-rush hardcore with breathless vocals, pogoing rhythms, and torrential DayGlo riffs. Singer Accorinrin’s vocals sprint across the two-minute track; she seethes and twirls and weaves, contorting into angular shapes that seem to say: nothing is what you think it is. Everything is subject to change on a whim.

Otoboke Beaver’s Love Is Short EP is their third release outside Japan since forming in 2009; their early material was compiled by the UK label Damnably last year. Their influences are primarily Japanese groups from the 1980s (in interviews, they mention Yapoos and Hikasyu), but the fire of “Love Is Short” recalls a lineage of patriarchy-scorching girl-gang shrieks, from the Slits’ “Shoplifting” to Bikini Kill’s “Liar” and beyond.

Love/My love is an unearned win,” Accorinrin screams in Japanese. “I battle with you/Love is short!” Her lyrics are full of clever wordplay and drip with sarcasm in the Kansai dialect; they pack sly historical references, sear into the false promise of marriage, and skew outdated modes of subtly gendered Japanese language. Asked what the song is about, Accorinrin has said that “love is a monster,” that “love is ephemeral and easily broken.” Or, as she wrote in a press release, “Being in love is like a war for me, but what is love? I expressed this song to say goodbye to unproductive, barren love.” On “Love Is Short,” Otoboke Beaver reclaim all the air that infatuation can suck from a room—which is to say, after fleeting love, this is the   sound of more life.” Jenn Pelly Pitchfork

“The Kyoto-based Otoboke Beaver takes in the history of Japanese punk and runs with scissors in hand towards the bonkers-noise of early Boredoms, Afrirampo’s uninhibited avant-punk, and the revved-up garage-rock of Shonen Knife (and maybe a little bit of John Zorn’s blistering Naked City, just to put it over the top). Punk is rarely this charmingly vicious. Filmed around Kyoto temples and shrines and by the Katsura River, Keita Yamamoto directs this video for “Love Is Short.” In it, the band takes vengeance on an eye-patched boss and his henchman in style. Turns out that the no-good men baddies also serve as goofy stand-ins for the song’s theme.” Lars Gotrich – All Songs Considered – NPR Music

“Combining garage, punk, and pop, the four-piece makes fast-paced tracks fueled with anger that fight against gender norms and the patriarchyTheir Riot Grrrl attitudes and passion for noise-rock make them stand out as true renegades in the underground scene.i-D Illana Kaplan (Includes great band Interview)

“Watch Outrageously Cool Japanese Band Otoboke Beaver Rock Your Socks Off” The FADER

“Not new, just new to us. Unhinged garage-punk from Japanese all-woman quartet. They tour the UK in May – not to be missed.” The Guardian.

“The violent video for “Love is Short” finds this Kyoto-based band in horror movie-like captivity which quickly escalates with their escape heralded in by the brutal murder (the first of many) of their captor with what appears to be a tamagoyaki pan. It’s campy and slightly terrifying at the same time, like the three short punk songs (two are just over two minutes and one is under 20 seconds) on the EP. Guitars are gritty and strummed at a breakneck pace, wiry bass chimes in to slow things down occasionally and all four members join in for the vocals for a strangely harmonized shouting match.”Ally-Jane Grossan DailyBandcamp Essential releases