Leggy – Leggy

  • DAMNABLY044 – Leggy – Leggy
Artist: Leggy
Title: Leggy

Release Date: 14 April 2016
Catalogue No.: DAMNABLY044
Format: [CD/DL]

1. Kick the Habit
2. Bruises
3. Sweet Teeth
4. Grrrls Like Us
5. Peach
6. Even Lana
7. July
8. Chardonnay Summer
9. Adonis
10. Backyard
11. A Reverie 12. Alexander 13. Waisted
14. Sky Blue
15. HHS2

Leggy is a 15 track compilation featuring tracks cherry picked from the bands 3 EP’s: Cavity Castle (2014), Nice Try (2015)
and Dang (2016), plus new track, ‘ Kick The Habit’.

Hailing from the heartland of America, Ohio’s Leggy is a blonde-heavy dream punk trio exploding with empowered earnestness, an undeniably catchy pop sensibility and that ever timeless grrrl in-and-out of love allure. With influences drawn from contemporary artists like Lana Del Rey & St. Vincent, as well as 90’s jammers like The Breeders and Hole, Leggy produce a unique style of music that equal parts dark pop and shimmery punk.

Recent Press
“Raw, catchy as hell, and utterly dance-able, Cincinnati trio Leggy make skin-bearing garage rock that isn’t afraid to rip the guise off dated and romantic tropes.”

“…lo-fi productions of infectious melodies, bubblegum punk and a taste of not giving a fuck.” She Shreds Magazine

“It discomfits. It unsettles. It reassures. I would have covered this for Melody Maker.” Everett True

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