Lazarus Clamp – The bird is not the metaphor

Artist: Lazarus Clamp
Title: The bird is not the metaphor

Release Date: 18th April 2015 (Record Shop Day) & April 20th
Catalogue No.: DAMNABLY029
Format: [2 x 12″/CD/DL]

1. Latch
2. Dirty names
3. Let’s get fired
4. Horse
5. 100 watt bulb
6. We are in water
7. Tethered not caged
8. Magpie
9. This is how I cut my own throat
10. Simple & easy
11. Bow down
12. Things are sticky

‘The bird is not the metaphor’

Lazarus Clamp have their Limited edition (250), 3-sided, 2×12″ 150Gram-Vinyl 6th LP available on Record Shop Day in the UK & Europe (April 18th). The pack as you can see below also contains a free real CD and bonus unreleased downloads.
The CD & Digital versions are released on April 20th and on Pre-Order at iTunes and Amazon and all distributed by Shellshock (PRF Distro in US).
Recorded live to 2′ Tape (in an Oasthouse): CHECK
Mastered at Bob Weston’s Chicago mastering Service (by Matthew Barnhart): CHECK
Mad tunings, Baritone guitars and a Travis Bean(70’s metal necked bass): CHECK
Traynor, Selmer & Kelly ancient Valve Amp Heads: CHECK
One quiet member able to forge own FX Pedals: CHECK
Overly complex songs about serious things, sometimes loud: CHECK
21 Years existence & still unknown: CHECK
Stewart Lee is a Fan: CHECK


Recent Press
The Sunday Times (Stewart Lee) “articulate and considered lyrics, softly but precisely intoned, over unexpectedly experimental textures and deconstructed skinny guitar licks, with folksy banjo flourishes and gently lowing strings.”
BEARDED“A blend of Yo La Tengo, The Evens and fIREHOSE, Lazarus Clamp don’t sit easily in the contemporary scene. At one minute [it] sounds a little alt. country before straying back towards the band’s post-hardcore roots. Sulky, brooding and utterly brilliant.”
The Guardian “Delicate and subtle dynamics.”