American Werewolf Academy – ‘I Can’t Lose’/ ‘Fast, Loose, & Fucked Up’ 7″ Single

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Artist: American Werewolf Academy
Title: ‘I Can’t Lose’

Release Date: June 30th 2015
Catalogue No.: DAMNABLY034
Format: [7″ Single/DL]


A – ‘I Can’t Lose’
B – ‘Fast, Loose, & Fucked Up’

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8/10 “Singer Aaron Thedford is their secret weapon, with his Brian Fallon-esque tones injecting a weathered cool into the more worldly-wise numbers, while during peppier moments, he sounds uncannily like Robert Pollard (Young Wild Free is practically a paean to Isolation Drills). Surrounded by chunky chords and heroic melodies, he makes plain ol’ pop songs seem like the only thing you’ll ever need. No fancy ideas necessary: Out Of Place All The Time is killer. “ The Skinny (UK)

8.5/10 “What the fuck is this and why didn’t I know about it before now?” Louder Than War (UK)

9/10 “Recommended highly and a late album of the year contender” Viva La Rock (UK)

7/10 “These are good, solid songs, performed with character” ROCKSOUND (UK)
“Texas grows great musicians like it grows shitty presidential candidates, but American Werewolf Academy manage to stand out in a highly competitive music scene populated by talented musicians. Just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with this band.”Blurt (USA)