Past Gigs Gallery

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Damnably has Booked tours for Dick Dale, Shonen Knife, Codeine, COME, Bitch Magnet, Julie Doiron, Wussy, American Werewolf Acadmey, Exit verse, Geoff Farina, Chris Brokaw, Construction & Destruction, smallgang & Former Utopia.
Damnably has also promoted a lot of gigs from ones that brought over Geoff Farina (first UK show in 7 years) Shonen Knife (first Euro tour in 16 years) Joel Rl Phelps & The Downer Trio (first ever European full band tour), COME(first UK gig 16 years), Thee More Shallows, loads of early Lonelady, Shannon Wright, Uzeda, Jason Molina(last ticketed show), Bottomless Pit(only London gig), Bellini, Stinking Lizaveta, Mike Watt & The Missingmen, Cosmic Shenngy (from China’s Hang On The Box) w/ Damo Suzuki + Crumbling Ghost, Bitch Magnet, Wussy, Shannon Wright, Julie Doiron, BMX Bandits, Scrawl, David Gedge, David Grubbs, Bored Spies, Bellini, Moon Mama/PIKA/Afrirampo, P.W Long, Versus, Zebra Hunt, Plaided, Construction and Destruction, OMO, Lazarus Clamp, Spraydog, Airport Girl, MJ Hibbett and the Validators, smallgang, Slowgun. Kath Bloom, Sputniko, Monster Island & many more.


Come - Dingwalls - 23 May 13 Bitch Magnet Live at The Lexington
Bellini - photo by John Bloor

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