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Past show archive
LondonSebright Arms12 Sep 147:00pmwith Zebra Hunt, Former UtopiaMap
LondonCafe OTO8 Jun 148:00pmw/ smallgang, Former UtopiaMap
LondonVortex Jazz Club24 May 148:00pmMap
LondonDingwalls18 May 148:00pm& Special GuestsMap
LondonThe Windmill29 Dec 136:00pmsmallgang, Slowgun, Crumbling Ghost, Russell and the Wolf Choir , Splintered ManMap
LondonDingwalls29 Sep 137:00pm*Fan-Voted Setlist*Map
LondonThe Windmill2 Jul 138:00pmw/ smallgang - FREE ENTRYMap
LondonSebright Arms2 Jun 138:00pmw/ smallgangMap
LondonDingwalls23 May 138:00pmw/ Slowgun, Former UtopiaMap
LondonSebright Arms8 Feb 138:00pmw/ Plaided, smallgangMap
LondonCargo29 Nov 127:00pmMap
LondonUpstairs @ Vibe Bar28 Nov 127:00pmw/ FUMap
LondonCargo16 Oct 128:00pmw/ Special GuestsMap
LondonCargo1 Oct 127:00pmMap
LondonThe Windmill19 Sep 127:30pmw/ SlowgunMap
LondonThe Windmill23 Mar 128:00pmwith Lazarus Clamp, FUMap
LondonThe Lexington9 Mar 127:30pmwith Plaided, smallgang, SlowgunMap
LondonThe Lexington12 Dec 118:00pmwith support from smallgang, Former UtopiaMap
LondonThe Windmill11 Nov 117:00pm2 stages, 8 acts & Damnably DJ'sMap
LondonScala11 Sep 117:30pmwith support from smallgang, Slowgun, Former UtopiaMap
LondonThe Windmill3 Jul 112:00pm14 bands on 2 stages and a BBQ!Map
LondonCAMP Basement12 May 118:00pmwith support from Slowgun, Something Beginning With L, No CarsMap
LondonThe Windmill8 Apr 117:00pmJapan Tsunami Charity FundraiserMap
LondonRyan's Bar10 Mar 118:00pmwith support from Phantom Plastic, The Ophelian and StuntnutMap
LondonThe Windmill17 Feb 115:00pmIn Aid Of CNDMap
LondonThe Social12 Dec 105:00pm(it's also Damnably's 4th Birthday!)Map
LondonThe Luminaire27 Nov 107:30pmwith support from Susie Hug, Your New Friend, Former UtopiaMap
LondonThe Windmill24 Oct 104:00pmwith support from Lazarus Clamp, Slowgun, Dead Days Beyond Help, Former UtopiaMap
LondonBloomsbury Bowling Lanes9 Oct 102:00pm20 promoters and over 30 acts! Come have some fun for charity!Map
LondonThe Social17 Aug 106:00pmFREE SHOW!Map
LondonThe Social22 Jul 107:00pmwith smallgang, Crumbling Ghost, Former Utopia, The Ophelian,Map
LondonThe Windmill20 Jun 102:00pm8 Bands and a BBQ!Map
LondonScala24 May 107:30pmwith support from smallgang, Screaming Tea Party, Former UtopiaMap
LondonThe Luminaire2 Apr 108:00pmwith support from Stinking LizavetaMap
LondonBarden's Boudoir1 Apr 107:30pmwith support from Crumbling Ghost, The OphelianMap
LondonThe Luminaire26 Mar 107:30pmwith support from Lazarus Clamp, Your New Friend, Former UtopiaMap
LondonBarden's Boudoir18 Mar 107:30pmwith support from smallgang, Russell And The Wolf ChoirMap
LondonRyan's Bar3 Jan 108:00pmMap
LondonThe Wilmington Arms17 Dec 098:00pmWith MJ Hibbett, Airport Girl, Mordros, Former Utopia and more!Map
LondonJamboree9 Dec 098:00pmwith support from Monster Island, Former UtopiaMap
LondonBarden's Boudoir29 Oct 098:00pmwith support from smallgang, Head Of ProgrammesMap
LondonBloomsbury Bowling Lanes10 Oct 098:00pmProceeds to go to DECMap
LondonThe Luminaire30 Sep 098:00pmwith support from Construction & Destruction, Lazarus Clamp, Former UtopiaMap
LondonBloomsbury Bowling Lanes29 Jun 097:30pmwith support from Baguette Bardot, Crumbling Ghost, smallgangMap
LondonThe Windmill24 Jun 097:30pmwith support from The Debutante Hour, No CarsMap
LondonCafe OTO22 May 098:00pmwith support from Michael L. Clamp, Former UtopiaMap
LondonThe Windmill18 Mar 098:00pmwith support from End of Level Boss, Crumbling GhostMap
LondonThe Windmill10 Mar 098:00pmwith support from Crumbling Ghost, Cosmic Shenngy, Sputniko!Map
LondonThe Windmill28 Dec 088:00pmwith Dredlundare, What Price Wonderland, Former UtopiaMap
LondonNotting Hill Arts Club6 Dec 084:00pmwith Calvin Party, Lazarus Clamp, Former Utopia and Siver Rocket DJsMap
LondonThe Wilmington Arms6 Dec 088:00pmwith Lazarus Clamp, MJ Hibbett, Former UtopiaMap
LondonCatch 2212 Oct 088:00pmMap
LondonThe Windmill9 Oct 088:00pmwith smallgang, Mordros, Former UtopiaMap
LondonThe Miller26 Sep 088:00pmwith Stranger Sons of WB, Lower Slaughter, Former UtopiaMap
LondonBloomsbury Bowling Lanes12 Aug 088:00pmFree Alldayer!Map
LondonCatch 226 Jul 088:00pmwith Chinwag, Lower Slaughter, Russell and The Wolf Choir, Former UtopiaMap
LondonCatch 2223 Jan 088:00pmwith Mordros, Former Utopia vs. More Bad TiimesMap
LondonThe Social7 Aug 077:00pmwith Lonelady, Kattparaden, Former UtopiaMap
LondonBloomsbury Bowling Lanes8 Jul 075:00pmFREE SHOW!Map
LondonBloomsbury Bowling Lanes22 Apr 078:00pmbands and a Damnably disco celebrating all things (smog)Map
LondonThe Social2 Apr 077:00pmwith support from Michael L. Clamp, MJ Hibbett and the Validators, Former UtopiaMap
LondonThe Social2 Feb 078:00pmwith support from Lazarus Clamp, Lonelady, Former UtopiaMap
LondonGood Ship17 Dec 065:00pmMap
LondonBloomsbury Bowling Lanes12 Nov 065:00pm6 Great BandsMap
LondonThe Windmill12 Oct 068:00pmDamnably's first show!Map