Dick Dale

Left-handed 72 year old guitar legend Dick Dale is the Prometheus of modern guitar based rock music, who not only invented his own unique genre of music, ‘Surf’, but also helped Leo Fender experiment with reverberation, increased speaker size and amp power that in turn led to all the rock, metal and punk music we know and love.

‘Straight Edge’ years before it was invented, a martial artist of 30 years, environmentalist with a pilots license, and one of the greatest guitarists that has ever lived, Dick Dale is a true guitar hero and iconic legend. He is loved by Quentin Tarantino (Dale’s “Misirlou” was featured in Pulp Fiction) and generations of music fans from the ’50s to the present day. Also a favourite of the late John Peel for whom he loved to fly over and record sessions.

Dick has beat cancer twice, with the last battle in 2008. He is now ready once again to take to the stage and melt some huge amps with his incredibly fast and frenetic surf rock. They just don’t make men like Dick Dale anymore.