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Post-industrial, South Yorkshire modulatory desolation from a young band with a mean age of 24. Barnsley is something of a backwater compared to Leeds or Sheffield, but Bruja and friends have created a DIY junk-punk scene that has seen them hosting their own gigs, pressing up CDs, booking tours and making their own analogue VHS Videos to lighten the depressing reality of zero hours contracts in the service industry, unemployment and increasing xenophobic hostility.

Bassist Delyth and drummer Zach share writing and vocals duties on these two songs to the theme of friendship. As Zach says, “There are many arseholes in this world so when you meet genuinely nice people it kind of restores your faith in the humanity again!”. Delyth met Zach whilst working as a wedding planner at Wentworth Castle and Zach was her understudy. She filled in on bass in the band and never left.

New member Giannis Kipreos joined in February 2016.

The trio’s name means ‘Witch’ in Spanish and is inspired by drummer Zach’s recurring childhood nightmares of being chased by a Witch.

All three members are nature lovers but guitarist Giannis takes it a step further by being a keen caver and spent weeks living like ‘Stig of the Dump’ in the woods. Delyth’s first experience of rock was seeing The Eagles with her dad aged 8 but this bands influences range from Drop Nineteens, Pavement to Deerhunter but with a effect addiction and a super drum heavy sound that sonically paints them closer to The Butthole Surfers.

2016 has seen the band play support slots with Shonen Knife, Leggy, Wussy and Otoboke Beaver and glean radio play from Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe and Tom Ravenscroft on BBC6 Music plus
Ken Katkin (TRASH FLOW) on WAIF and Jon Solomon on WPRB. The band have an album coming in early 2017 and tour dates/festival spots throughout 2016.

For fans of: The Drop Nineteens, Butthole Surfers, Th’ Faith Healers, Quickspace Supersport

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Recent Press

“The sound of disaffected youth from Barnsley”Steve Lamacq (BBC 6Music)

“Sculie” is pretty quick, with an almost staccato feel to it. It’s fun, and definitely a hip shaker to get you moving – day or night – as the days get shorter.” Impose

“…full of noise and feedback, yet a beautifully melodic song starts to appear and creep out.” Louder Than War

“…fuzzed up, grooving and with a nice thick, grungey guitar sound. “Tori” is the slower, more wobbly of the two and you can hear the influence of The Butthole Surfers with its guitar effects. I also like the unusual intonation on the word “maybe” in the chorus. “Sculie”, meanwhile, is a little more energetic and melodic with an upbeat rhythm section and more prominent trading of vocal duties. This works as a great introduction to the band for me and it bodes well for the future as I hear there’s an album in the offing.” Collective Zine

“…constantly flipped between dark and light, heavy and soft and used atmospheric and often whispered female and male vocals to full effect; one minute sounding like Melvins or Sabbath, the next Violent Femmes or The Pixies.” Louderthanwar (New Artist of the Day)

“…the band trade in a style of energetic, sludge punk that makes the South Yorkshire trio feel like some great lost 90s Sub Pop band. Wadsworth’s vocals are the cool calm underneath the wall of feedback and Bleach-like riffs provided by guitarist Giannis Kipreos. There’s a real appreciation for melodic, fuzzy grunge-pop here, handed out in addictive three minute packages. Bruja are the band you wish you were in.” Soundblab

“I have to say both times I have seen them now I’ve thought to myself how much drummer Zach reminds me of Animal from The Muppets with his frenetic drumming style. And I mean that as a compliment.” Morphettes