Chris Brokaw & Jason Molina – The Luminaire – 27 Mar 2010 – Gallery

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Jason Molina & Chris Brokaw – The Luminaire – 27 Mar 2010 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

This was going to be Geoff Farina & Chris Brokaw but Geoff had to fly home early as his father was taken ill and Chris (via Matt Barnhart) asked Jason to sit in and he kindly agreed.Jason was happy and talked to Spintered Man’s Simon & Alex, Lazarus Clamp
and my neighbour Joe who worked at Wunjoe guitar shops. I spoke to Jason about New Balance endorsing the Magnolia Electric Company in the toilet but I’m not sure that was true but at the time it seemed possible.

He’d asked us via Andy the Luminaire boss not to announce the gig so I spent the night before the gig emailing each fan on myspace to give them the heads up.Sound was really hard at the venue and kept making honking feedback that was really rattling Jason, he was just gonna bail after an hour of it until he switched from a mic in front of his guitar to simon’s pickup. That cured the engineers issues
and it settled into a nice evening. I’d pop out for a cigarette and he’d be wondering around out there and maybe was drinking as he seemed pretty hyper but I didn’t know what he was like normally so couldn’t tell but he played amazingly and sang so well.

After the gig we chatted to Jason on the train home and invited him to see Shonen Knife as he was staying in London then.
When you put gigs on you sometimes wonder if a gig will be a bands last as so many have quit since we began. We could all see
something was up with Jason but didn’t expect this gig to be his final ticketed event and I doubt he got paid as we gave £500 to brokaw and not sure if he split that with Farina as the etiquette on tragedy hitting a tour isn’t clear in the rock world, but thank you Jason Molina for playing our gig and spending some time with each of us.

Chris Brokaw & Jason Molina - photo by Rama

Chris Brokaw & Jason Molina – photo by Rama

Jason Molina - photo by Rama

Jason Molina – photo by Rama