Toshi, smallgang – Highlights/Lowlights/Events of 2011

Toshi gu, vo – smallgang / Passerines – Highlights/Lowlights/Events of 2011

– Flaming Lips at Alexandra Palace – it was bookended with Race for the Prize and Do You Realise, both of which had me welling up.  Luckily they were shooting cannons and had mad lights going, so no-one could tell.
– (FU) Rama’s drumming on Double Negative – always a highlight.
Something Beginning with L at the Betsy Trotwoods – they had Damo drumming for them and he made them even better.  More betterer.
Kath Bloom at George’s house/Cafe Oto – she sang Sweetest One, which I’d requested.  Also found out that her rap name is Kath Boom.
Tree of Life – actually a bit of a disappointment, partly due to the dodgy ending but more to do with the twats sitting in front of us.  Let’s go to a Terence Malick film and chat!
Crumbling Ghost at the Unicorn – Most un-Unicorn looking band at one of London’s hidden gems of a venue.
Koresh at the Unicorn – haven’t laughed so much in years.
– Travelodge foyer in Newcastle – song-demanding Geordies have never been so much fun.
– Bitch Magnet at the Lexington – Question: how long would you wait to see someone play?  Answer: 20 years and they were (Navajo) ace.
Edna O’Brien at the Faber Social – I went to see Sarah Hall but Edna O’Brien’s reading was amazing, like someone telling you a story in a pub but without the incoherence or beer breath.  I wasn’t that close to her to tell though.
– Favourite album – Tarry Awhile by Gill Sandell – precision songwriting.  Her show at Daylight Music at the Union Chapel was jolly smashing too.
– Favourite TV show: The Killing.  Obviously the first series trumps the second, although Thomas Buch is a great character, mainly for his chocolate eating.


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