Stephen, Monster Island – 2011 bloggle

Stephen gu, vo – Monster Island – “my 2011 bloggle”

low shite and high flights:

-broken tooth and three fillings
-living in a travelodge for three weeks ala partridge
-benefit – bar downstairs
-going to georges house + drinking carling
-speaking to a guy called owain
-gigs in edinburgh and wigan, the edinburgh of the north
-new album getting reviewed by three seperate people
-reading pk dick on a bench
-“how ppc ruined your life”
-continued kinship with lewis and wesley.


p.j. herpes, bill callahan, ersatz gb


About Stephen
Spiky guitar and lyricist for Monster Island and member of Stranger Sons of WB. Has conceded to liking the term “psychogeography”. Follow on Twitter here.