The Summer that lasted forever-Damnably Radio #88

We’re loving the #heatwave that’s upon us in the UK, so here’s our latest Podcast Radio show featuring loads of new tracks from around the world plus a super #SummerMix of obscure and classic summer hits to drink sangria to.

Burn Permits Those Separates Physical Release (2016)
The Gotobeds Amazing Supermarkets Blood Sugar SecsTraffic (Subpop 2016)
smut Shalom Harlow Purse (2014)
Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes Speak Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes (Super Secret 2016)
XETAS The Jaws live at KVRX (2016)
James Arthur’s Manhunt The Killzone Digital Clubbing (12XU 2016)
The Karl Hendricks Rock Trio I’m Not Crying Karl The World Says (Comedy Minus One 2007)
Creek Beds Cactus (Traits) 2016
Amor Fatigue Believe it Amor Fatigue 2016
Say Sue Me Bad Habit Big Summer Night (Electric Music 2015)
Not You Ha ha Free download 2016
Dinosaur Jr Lost All Day Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not (Jagjaguar 2016)
Patsy’s Rats Hard Time Karen Patsy’s Rats (2016)
Umez Catch Me Up Umez (14 years 2014)
MJ Hibbett & The Validators In The North Stand Still Valid (AAS 2016)
Snooty Garbagemen Untitled Snooty Garbagemen (12XU 2016)
BRUJA Sculie 7″ (Damnably 2016)
smut Mulder’s Daydream Purse (2014)
Seam Sweet Pea 7″ Kernal (Trash Flow TF05 1992)
Dinosaur Jr Left Right Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not (Jagjaguar 2016)
Poomse Heartless Bastards of the world This is how We Fail (2016)
Silkworm Killing My Ass Firewater (Matador 1996)
Shonen Knife Orange Sun
Billie Holiday On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Jonathon Richman That Summer Feeling
Built to Spill Kicked it in the Sun
Bored Spies Summer 720
Bottomless Pit Summerwind
Leggy Chardonnay Summer
Loco Ono Sunny Day
American Werewolf Academy Summer ship
Universe People Go to The Sun
Swell Saved By Summer
Bill Hicks Summer Trip
Roy Orbison Sunglasses
Willie Nelson Bring Me Sunshine
Lee Hazelwood Little Miss Sunshine
Blossom Dearie Once Upon A Summertime
Bill Callahan (smog) Pure Sunshine
Shannon Wright & Yann Tiersen (official) Callous Sun
The Fall – Music Can Can Summer
Magnetic Fields I don’t Believe In the Sun
Dirtmusic Summer Days
Wussy Sun Giant Says Hey
David Yow and Shellac Holidays In The Sun ( Sex Pistols live cover)
Liza Kate Sun’s No Fool
PIKA-Chang I love Sun Too
Lambchop is a Band The New Cobweb Summer
Lucinda Williams Big Red Sun Blues