Damnably Radio #87

Wussy Ceremony 7 ” RSD Special (Damnably/Shake It 2016)
The Gotobeds Real Math/Too Much Blood – Sugar – Secs – Traffic (Sub Pop 20116)
Otoboke Beaver  S’il Vous Plait Bakuro Book (Damnably 2016)
Leggy  Kick The Habit Leggy (Damnably 2016)
Mitski  Dan The Dancer Puberty 2 (Dead Oceans 2016)
Patsy’s Rats Rock And Roll Friend Patsy’s Rats EP
Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes Under The Continental Divide Demoage 2014
Say Sue Me  My problem Big Summer Night (Electric Muse 2015 )
Stick Men With Rayguns Buckfuckers Ruined My Life Some People Deserve To Suffer (2002) News Video on them from the 80’s
Snooty Garbagemen Live on the Sun Snooty Garbagemen (12XU 2015)
Alte Sau – Becki Hat Ein Pferd (Fettkakao 2016)
Yucca Rebirthday (2015)
Lime Crush  Never (Fettkakao 2016)
Andy Cohen & Light Coma Midwest DT’s Lake Of Fake Live Vol 1 (Caffeinated 2016)
The Gotobeds (feat Tim Midyett) Rope Blood – Sugar – Secs – Traffic (Sub Pop 20116)
Otoboke Beaver ChutChu Song (First demos) 幻のファーストデモ!(2011)
Burn Permits Causality Violation Physical Release (2016)
MJ Hibbett & The Validators Burn It Down And Start Again Still Valid (Artists Against Success 2016)
Creek Beds Taco Truck (2016)
Wussy Better Days Forever Sounds (Damnably/Shake It 2016)

John Bender Victims of victim-less crime (from early 80’s)
Men Without Bones excerpt (featuring Chuck Cleaver from 1979 )(Rub Don’t Blot 2016)
Snooty Garbagemen I don’t know how to play guitar Snooty Garbagemen (12XU 2015)
Dianogah What Is Your landmass (live) lake of fake live vol 1 (Caffeinated 2016)
Fowlmouth School Prayer will save our Nation’s Youth live lake of fake live vol !(Caffeinated 2016)
Mountain Goats Going Back To California
MJ Hibbett & The Validators 1980’s how it really was Still Valid (Artist’s Against Success 2016)
Shonen Knife Green Tangerine Adventure (Damnably 2016)
Say Sue Me Fight the Shark Big Summer Night (Electric Muse 2015)
Umez Kezega Fuitar Sayonara Umez (14 years 2014)