Damnably Radio #86 – Best of 2015

Damnably Radio #86 Best Of 2015 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud


Shonen knife Jingle with Atsuko-Mon & Risa-Mon in the recording Studio-Osaka
The Beverley’s  Visions Brutal (Buzz 2015)
Otoboke Beaver  Sawarantoite Okoshiyasu Otoboke Beaver (Damnably 2016)
Casual Sect I’ve Seen Somethings I can’t unsee The Hidden Persuaders (2015 )
The Bismarck  Eating At The Irish Section of the Tesco The English Hustle (2015)
Negative Scanner Planet of the slums S-T (Trouble In Mind 2015)
Robert Forster  I’m So Happy For You Songs To Play (Tapete 2015)
Mint Mile Came Up In A Hive In Season & Ripe (Comedy Minus One 2015)
These Estates Stripes Of Fate How The Midwest Was Won (PRFBBQ 2015)
Love Of Diagrams SS Blast (BEDROOM SUCK 2015)
Amor Fatigue  Offender (2015)
Otoboke Beaver Akimahenka Okoshiyasu Otoboke Beaver (Damnably 2016)
Stick Men with Ray Guns Christian Rat Attack Some People Deserve to Suffer (2002)
Grifters Bummer One Suck Missing (Shangri-La 1993)
American Werewolf AcademyI Can’t Lose (Damnably 2015)
Companyun Lullaby (2016)
WOMPS Cancer of the Bone live at CMJ NYC Cake Shop (via NYC Taper 2015)
The Thaw I Used Your Brains To Clean My Carpet The Thaw (Tenzenmen 2013)
These Estates Give Me Some Attention (*song of the year)
Negative Scanner Saturday Night Sunday Morning S-T (Trouble In Mind 2015)
TV Colours Beverley Purple Skies Toxic River (Comedy Minus One 2015)
Obnox Too Punk Shakur Boogaloo Reed (12XU 2015)
Digital Prisoners Of War Bela Bar Talk Casually Defying Physics (2015)
The Mountain Goats The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero Beat The Champ (Merge 2015)
Kath Bloom Let the music Come Pass Through Here (Chapter 2015)
Snooty Garbagemen Ain’t Got Shit To Do (2015)
Hex Horizontal Electric Fence Act Natural (2015)
Princess Reason Your Divorce Your Divorce EP (2015)
Xetas The Fake Redeemer (12XU)
Provocalz Stand Proud featuring eight other Indigenous emcees
PIKA☆ Shiawase no Kashi Ryu No Sumika (Telegraph 2014)
Zebra Hunt Haze Of Youth City Sighs (Tenorio Cotobade 2015)
Built To Spill When I’m Blind Unteethered Moon (EMI 2015)
Leggy Sweet Teeth Cavity Castle
Joel RL Phelps Most Highly Favoured (from Jon Soloman’s 25 hour Xmas radio show 2014)
Fowlmouth Too Tired To Riot The Party’s Over EP (2015)
Universe People Go To The Sun Go To The Sun (2013)
Echolocation End Of Radio – Shellac Cover from The World International John Peel Day 2015