Atsuko’s Return – The Shonen Knife Sisters are Rockunited


























Shonen Knife have announced that Atsuko, the original drummer/costume designer then bassist has returned to record with the band for the first time since 2005‘s Genki Shock album. Atsuko will also play on the bands UK tour which will be her first full UK tour since 1994, so we are very excited to see Atsuko back and the full Shonen Knife Sister-Power in action.

The band released the following statements:


News!! Atsuko’s comeback and the recording has started!!

It was decided that the original member Atsuko’s comeback and the recording has started in the hometown Osaka.
The new album will be released in late March 2016.
The members of Shonen Knife after this new album are Naoko (Vo, G), Atsuko (Bass, Vo) and Risa (Drums, Vo).

UK/Ireland Tour from April is decided, 2016 will be very active year for the band.

For Ritsuko (B, G, Vo), she is still in her childcare leave but if she can arrange her time, she will join the band when the band will play a show like “For Leaves Clover tour” which is a special tour as 4 members of Shonen Knife, shows which Atsuko can’t attend and recordings.

For Naru (B, Vo), she was a support bassist for the band but she did very good job and we decided that we invited her to Shonen Knife Family as an official member.

Naoko, Risa and Naru will play at the event produced by Guitar Wolf on December 27th in Osaka.

We appreciate your continuous support for Shonen Knife.

From all members of Shonen Knife and Atsushi of TOMATO HEAD



Hello everybody!

I thank to people who enjoy Shonen Knife music.

Shonen Knife will start recording for the new album with our original member Atsuko.

Many things had happened to the band this year.
Ritsuko is taking maternity and childcare leave then Naru became the support bassist and Risa joined the band as a new drummer.
I suppose that you are wondering what’s going on with the members of the band.

It is very hard for girls to continue a band. Besides of that, we tour overseas a lot and it’s more difficult to keep balance of private life and band activity than usual.

Nevertheless, I’d like to be particular about keep on rocking as an all-girl band.
Now, the brilliant members, Atsuko, Risa, Ritsuko and Naru who grant my wish got together here.

“Band” is a community for making music.

All members, Atsuko, Risa, Ritsuko and Naru, have the same feeling which is “I like Shonen Knife”.
I’d like to make music with the members who can share the same feeling and have a good time.

Basically, the official members are Atsuko, Risa and I who can go to long tours but I want Ritsuko and Naru to join the band when there are opportunities.

I hope you will be happy through Shonen Knife music!

Please look forward to our new album and I’m very glad if you support our future activities.

Let’s have fun!











Hello everyone!
This is Atsuko from original member of Shonen Knife.
Naoko asked me to join the band, so I’m back to be a member. What a happy surprise!
But I still need Ritsuko and Naru’s support. Because I live in Los Angeles.
Now I’m in Osaka Rock City having fun time for recording of new album. 
I’m sure that the powerful drummer Risa and I will make a good groove!
Also, I will be playing on UK & Ireland Tour starting next year 2016!
Hope to see everyone!
Let’s ROCK!
Shonen Knife Wants You!!












Congratulations on Atsuko’s comeback!
I’m honored to be able to play with the person who is my respectable drummer.
I’m very happy about that as a fan of Shonen Knife and a member of it.

Naru is my senior of beer and “Shonen Knife”.
I want to get along with her in the future.
I’m looking forward to play with her at the event on December 27th. 

The recording for the new album is going well.
I will do my best for the recording as a drummer of Shonen Knife.












I’m happy to hear that!!
Congratulations for coming back Atsuko!!
And Naru, welcome to Knife family!!
Atsuko has been helping us a lot, so it’s my turn to help for her.
I’m busy with child rearing now, so it’s difficult to go to foreign countries.
But I want to tour with them someday.
I can play bass and guitar and I can sell merch!!
I hope to see you again, and I wish Shonen Knife will continue forever.



Hi, I’m Naru and have just joined the Shonen Knife family.
I played the bass for the band since May 2015 as a substitute for Ritsuko who is taking maternity and childcare leave.
I’m looking forward to see you at our shows.
Atsuko’s comeback is a good news and also the next year is the 35th anniversary of the band.
I’d like to enjoy my favorite Shonen Knife’s “ROCK”, too.



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