Damnably Radio #82 features a live session with Capt.Lovelace & live tracks from Mike Watt & The Missingmen, Former Utopia and smallgang

Damnably Radio #82 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

These Estates Pay me some attention How The Midwest Was Won live at PRFBBQ Chicago 2015
Snooty Garbagemen Ain’t Got Shit To Do 2015
Womps Live A Little Less 7″ (Damnably 2015)
Xetas The Line The Redeemer (12xu 2015)
TV Colours The Neighbourhood Purple Skies Toxic River  (Comedy Minus One 2015)
Fowlmouth Too Tired To Riot The Partys Over EP
Capt.Lovelace Banana Hammock /* Preview Pane */ EP (Damnably 2015)
Kath Bloom  Pass Through Here (Chapter 2015)
Zebra Hunt O’Hare City Sighs (Tenorio Cotobade 2015)
Giant Sand Every now and then Heartbreak Pass (New West Records 2015)
Mike Watt & The Missingmen Man Shitting Man/Bob Dylan Wrote (Live at Walpurgis Nacht Brixton Windmill 2015)
Built To Spill When I’m blind Untethered Moon (Warner 2015)
Mountain Goats The Ballad of Bull Ramos Beat the Champ (Merge 2015)
Digital Prisoners of War burn the village to save the village casually defying physics EP 2015
Pika☆ / ピカ Shiawase no Kashi Ryu No Sumika Telegraph 2014
Leggy Chardonnay Summer Cavity Castle 2014
The Magic Words Maglite The Day We Ran Away (2015)
Black Planet Betty No 7″ Flexi 2014
Vic Chesnutt Betty Lonely Is the Actor Happy (New West Records 2004)
Lambchop Betty’s Overture Mr M. (Merge 2012)
Capt. Lovelace – Forty Degrees
Capt. Lovelace – Banana Hammock
Capt. Lovelace – Magic dust
Mitski Townie bury me at makeout creek (Don Giovanni 2015)
Dick Diver Percentage Points Melbourne, Florida (Chapter 2015)
Hanoi Masters  Please wait for me War is a Wound, Peace is a Scar (Glitterbeat 2015)
Former Utopia new song (Recorded Live at Walpurgis Nacht)
smallgang new song (Recorded Live at Walpurgis Nacht)
love of diagramsDouble Negative Blast BEDROOM SUCK​ 2015
Death Rattle Triumph, Reign (2014)
These Estates Pay me some attention The Dignity of Man (2014)