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Damnably Releases

COVER ARTWORK (1500x1500px, RGB, 300dpi)

Newly signed, Womps from Glasgow have hit the ground running as their debut AA Single was premiered in ‘Consequence Of Sound’ by Dusty Henry,who had this to say:

“The first song from the single, “Live A Little Less”, shows just how much the band is upping the ante. Opening with a flurry of guitar noise, the track never lets up in intensity. Frontman Ewan Grant still manages to give an inkling of pop sensibility, singing bright melodies over drummer Owen Wicksted’s erupting drum fills. It has the marking of bands Albini’s previously worked with, like Nirvana and Cloud Nothings, but with a little bit of classic Glasgow sentimentality.”

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Paul Lester in ‘The Guardian’ picked the song for The playlist and declared it:

“…produced by Steve Albini. The results are predictably raw (recognise that live guitar and drum sound?) but cutely appealing in a ramshackle, off-kilter way, like Teenage Fanclub attempting their own version of In Utero…” 

The single is being pressed right now at the Optimal Plant in Röbel, Germany and you can Pre-Order in either Translucent or Black Vinyl here.



Another new artist to join our ranks is Capt.Lovelace aka Beattie Wood whose debut EP is released as a limited run of 50 Cassettes. Pre-Order for the Aug 14th release here




American Werewolf Academy‘s ‘I Can’t Wait’ single on exquisite ‘Huckleberry’ coloured vinyl is in our Shop here and available in UK/Euro Record Shops via Shellshock Distribution.

Damnably Gigs

Moka East


Our next gig is 3 tickets shy of being Sold Out and stars Tom Brosseau, Marriane Dissard, Russell and The Wolf Choir and Capt.Lovelace.
This event is another team-up with our Forest Gate neighbour-label Vacilando ’68 at Moka East, in Stratford on September 18th.
Doors are 6pm with Tom on at 9pm. We suggest you get down early and sample some of the excellent Italian cuisine and cocktails this bicycle friendly cafe has to offer. Facebook event with directions here.



Footage of our Pika☆ / ピカ Vs The Werewolves of London gig we did last month is here and Pika☆ Solo performance is here, a nice review of the gig from BrixtonBlog and read an interview with we did with Pika☆ in Louder Than War

Damnably News

Shonen Knife
Emi the bands drummer for 5 years, handed over the Golden Drums Sticks of Rock to new drummer Risa (aged just 20) on the final 712 Day show in Osaka.
To fans delight, a pregnant Ritsuko made an appearance as 5 knives celebrated the new lineup of Naoko, Naru and Risa. 2016 will be the bands 35th Anniversary so get ready for a few parties! CJtsW3JUsAAO7p710405335_1014132505286695_5739649494284158898_n

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