Damnably Radio Podcast #80

Happy Easter everyone!
Damnably’s 80th Podcast is live and full of loads of new music to listen to while you do DIY/Eat Chocolate Eggs this weekend.

Damnably Radio Podcast #80 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

Xetas The Fake The Redeemer 12XU​ 2015
Dick Diver​Tearing the Posters Down Melbourne, Florida Chapter Music​ 2015
love of diagramsBlast Blast BEDROOM SUCK​ 2015
TV COLOURS​ Lost Highway Purple Skies, Toxic River Comedy Minus One​ 2015
Zebra HuntHaze Of Youth City Sighs Tenorio-Cotobade​ 2015
The Gotobeds​ Affection Poor People are revolting 12XU 2014
Kath Bloom​ Pass through Here Pass Through Here Chapter 2015
ピカ​Pika Shiawase no Kashi Ryu No Sumika Telegraph 2014
Obnox aka Nox​ Slaughter Culture Boogaloo Reed12XU 2015
DIGITAL PRISONERS OF WARBela Bar Talk Casually Defying Physics  Murph from Dinosaur Jr​ on drums 2015
Myriam Gendron​ Recurrence Not So Deep A Well Mama Bird Recording Co.​ 2014
Bassekou Kouyate​ & Ngoni Ba Siran Fen Ba Power Glitterbeat Records​ 2015
Hanoi Masters I long to return to my hometown War is a Wound, Peace is a Scar Glitterbeat 2015
Tom T. HallHomecoming
Chung AntiqueStop making Synths Sweater Weather 2014
Watery LoveDose The Host Decorative Feeding 2014
The Rutabega​ Shiny Destination Triple Eye Industries​ 2015
Negative Scanner​ Evening News (live at Young Camelot) 2014
The Mountain GoatsHeel Turn 2 Beat The Champ Merge Records​ 2015
Black Planet​ Sad Sad Song Female Hysteria 2014
Leggy​ Honey Cavity Castle 2014
Flaum Adger​ Your Soft Addictions Flaum Adger 2013
Dis- Archivist Of Smoke the historically troubled third album My Pal God Records 1996
Thee Speaking Canaries Paddleford Twins mail themselves a water balloon Moon Rock bonus 7’ Chunklet​ 2015
Lazarus Clamp​ This Is how I cut my own throat The Bird is not the metaphor Damnably 2015
Benjamin Shaw​ Goodbye Cagoule world Goodbye Kagoule world Audio Antihero​ 2014
Splintered Man​ Simon ‘Under The Weather’ 2015 (click for free download)
Capt.Lovelace​ Banana Hammock Preview Pane ep 2015
Fishboy​ I am Ghost An Elephant 2015
Joel RL Phelps The Downer Trio​ What are you doing here Cowboy WPRB August 2005 session
Dog Day​ Dirtbag Fade Out 2013
買(Natural Q) C’est La Vie
Mat Ward will be on the next podcast talking about his book on Aboriginal Rap-read about this @ http://louderthanwar.com/aboriginal-rap-the-future-of-hip-hop/