‘Walpurgis Night’ Alldayer starring MIKE WATT & The MISSINGMEN (Minutemen, Firehose, The Stooges)

Damnably Presents ‘Walpurgis Night‘ Alldayer
Traditionally the night the dark forces assemble under the stars, we have resurrected some lesser spotted Monsters of Rock for a super fun all-dayer at London’s favorite venue-The Brixton Windmill.

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Doors 5pm


Mike Watt & The Missing Men (Minutemen, Firehose, The Stooges) (10-11pm)

The Missingmen are a punk rock trio fronted by Minutemen/Firehose/Stooges bassist Mike Watt. The band features Watt, guitarist Tom Watson (Slovenly, The Pair Of Pliers, The Jom And Terry Show, Red Krayola), and drummer Raul Morales (FYP, Killer Dreamer, The Leeches, The Secondmen).
Watt is arguably the greatest Bassist the world has known (NME has him as the #34 but they are wrong) and an incredibly creative musician whose played on a massive amount of bands and 2015 is the 30th Anniversary of Minutemen D. Boons death and the 31st anniversary of their Double Nickels on the Dime album and the music of both the Minutemen and Watt continues to be as fresh and punk as it was in the early 80’s.

Už jsme doma  (9-9.40pm)


Prog Rock from behind the Iron Curtain!
Formed in 1985, Until the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) in 1990, the band was considered ‘illegal’ by the communist state and was forced to hold secret concerts and risk arrest if caught. Despite this history, the band eschews straightforward political commentary within their lyrics and art in favor of poetic and artistic symbolism.

The Prague Post has termed them one of “the two great bastions of the Czech alternative scene”
Cited musical influences include The Residents, The Damned, Ebba Grön, Pere Ubu, Uriah Heep, Omega, and the Rock in Opposition movement. Rolling Stone’s David Fricke referred to them as “an amazing Czech quintet … that rattled like a combination of Hot Rats-aphonic Frank Zappa and John Zorn’s hyperjazz.”


Crumbling Ghost   (8-8.40PM)

Stewart Lee, Tom Ravenscroft & Stuart Maconie are big fans of this Doom, Prog, Sludge, English Folk-Metal cult super-group who perform a very rare live show with rumours a new EP on the way.
‘powerful and unsettling… Anybody interested in the uncanny zone of slippage between musical cultures and times occupied by artists as diverse as The Unthanks, Belbury Poly and Rose Kemp will find much to love in this album’ – The Quietus
‘a brilliant exploration of the menace lurking at the heart of the English pastoral. Forget wickerman folk, say hello to pitchfork prog.’ – Classic Rock Presents PROG

smallgang (7.10-7.45pm)

smallgang rocking out
London’s Post-Punk/Art-Rock Trio have a reputation for volcanic live shows. Shonen knife, Bitch Magnet and Geoff farina are fans.
NME ““Second full-length effort ‘san’ pinballs between Pavement, Wire and The Strokes, with a roll-call of special guests including Bitch Magnet’s Jon Fine, Shonen Knife’s Ritsuko Taneda and sometime My Bloody Valentine member Jen Macro”
Popmatters 7/10 “The main discriminant between a bluff and the worthwhile is quality, and smallgang have plenty of it.”
Louder Than War 8/10 “Put it on and just lose yourself in their sound”

Former Utopia  (6.25-7.00pm)

East London Post Punk trio who’ve toured Europe, played Incubate and Handmade festivals and seen BBC6Music/XFm radio play.
The Line Of Best Fit (UK)”a gentleman blessed with an imposing baritone halfway between Bill Callahan and Absentee”
John Kennedy XFM Radio (UK)”FANTASTIC!”
Sodapop (IT)”.the visibility they deserve is coming.”
Americana (UK) 8/10 “mini masterpiece of lo-fi rumblings.”


Acoustic Stage

Fishboy (8.40-9.15pm)

is a Denton, TX indie rock band with an unhealthy love of power pop and narrative songwriting who have released a handful of story based albums, EPs, and seven inch records since 2003. Frontman Eric Michener performs solo on the heals of the bands latest. An Elephant: an LP and wordless graphic novel about the ghost of Topsy: the elephant who was publicly electrocuted by Thomas Edison in 1903 and her attempts to avenge her death and pass into the afterlife. The results are a unique supernatural-historical-sci-fi-all-ages-revenge-thriller-rock-opera-comic-book.

“The album may sound like a cutesy concept on the surface, but the way Michener writes from the heart, the inherent sadness of the story, and the ferocity with which the group plays turn An Elephant into something much more than that. Whether one is a fan of concept albums or just hard-hitting, hook-filled indie pop, it’s an album worth seeking out.”- ALLMUSIC


Splintered Man (9.20- 9.50pm)
Acoustic version of this quartet featuring Simon from smallgang with his childhood buddy Alex, both gifted guitarists playing magically intricate parts with rolling impressionistic lyrics. Musically it harks back to Fahey, Chapman & Martyn but with seepage from our times.

Russell & The Wolf Choir (5.45- 6.15 pm)

Romford’s very own Russell & The Wolf Choir sit somewhere on the same 25 Bus as Kevin Devine, Geoff Farina and Billy Bragg, this is straight from the heart music from a long tradition of Essex balladeers.


Capt.Lovelace (5.00-5.30 pm)
Otherwise known as Beattie Wood From France via Brighton whose Intuitive folk songs are as refreshingly kooky as they are hooky.
Her songs are a personal melancholy tinged poetry, inspired by traveling in Norway and this is her London debut!