Damnably Radio #79

Mixtape damnably radio #79 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

Zebra Hunt 20 Ways To Belong City Sighs (tenoriocotobade 2015)
Constant Mongral The Law DCM 7’ (RIP Society records 2015)
Obnox Too Punk Shakur Boogalou Reed 12XU 2015
Negative Scanner Ambitious People live at Young Camelot 04/19/14
Watery Love Face The Door Decorative Feeding (2014)
Lazarus Clamp Let’s Get Fired The bird is not the metaphor (Damnably 2015)
Mitski Drunk Walk Home Bury me at makeout creek (double double whammy 2014)
Boomgates Cows Come Home Double Natural (Bedroom Suck 2012)
Dis- Suddenly everyones a smoker the historically troubled third album (My Pal God Records 1996 )
Datblygu  Cân i Gymry WYAU, PYST A LIBERTINO (Anskmusik Records 2004)
Wilhelm Erin’s Song  How High Lilly (Origami 2015)
Carolee Atrophy Rattle Serious Rockers The Unblinking Ear Mixtape
Shellac The People’s Microphone Dude Incredible (Touch And Go 2014)
Hex Horizontal Boring Body Act Natural ( 2014)
Chung Antique Room with a door Sweater Weather (2014)
Mountain Goats The Legend of Chavo Guerrero (Merge 2015)
Myrian Gendron The False friends Not So Deep as a Well (2014 Mama Bird Recording Co.)
Vic Chesnutt Stevie Smith Little (New West 1990)
Silkworm Int’l Harbor Of Grace (live at Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL – 3.18.2005) Chokes! (Comedy Minus One 2014)
Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio Twenty Four Hours Customs Deluxe edition (12XU 2004)
Travis L dot y 7′(My Pal God 1994)
Silver Jews K-Hole Tanglewood Numbers Drag City (2015)
Monster Island  Hangover Notes House Of Lancaster (2014)
Lime Crush baby (Fettkako 2015)
Plaided It is over Toni (fettkako 2012)
Black Planet  Creep Female Hyseria (2014)
Wussy Acetylene Attica! (Shake it/Damnably 2014)
BMX Bandits w/  With Yeongene & Tenniscoats Standing Still Beautiful friend EP (Elefant 2014)
Leggy Sweet Tooth Cavity Castle (2014)
Ex Hex Beast Rips (Merge 2014)
Shonen Knife Jet Super Group (Damnably 2010)
Smudge Real McCcoy Wrong Sinatra Real McCcoy Wrong Sinatra (Half A Cow Records 1998)
Dirtmusic Panther Hunting Dirtmusic (Glitterhouse 2007)
Leatherface Dead Industrial Atmosphere Mush (Roughnect Records 1991)
Spraydog Midnight Hockey Impress and Defend (Jigsaw Records 2010)
Prolapse Pull Through Barker (Cherry Red 1994)
Bedhead Disorder Bedhead 1992-1998 Boxtset (Numero Group 2014)
Tre Orsi The Engineer Devices and Emblems (Comedy Minus One 2010)
The Tah Dahs Dallas Mein So Called Kampf (2010)
Fishboy Bury My Body An Elephant (2014)
The Mattoid Suicide The Glory Holy ( Infinity Cat Recordings / Oh Boy Records 2008)
Bellini Numbers The Precious Prize of Gravity (Temporary Residence 2009)
Angela Desveaux & The Mighty Ship Sure Enough (Thrill Jockey 2008)
Forgetful Florence Elephant In The Room (Damnably 2012)
Julie Doiron Spill yr lungs I can wonder what you did with your day (Jagjaguar 2009)
Dama/Libra 3C1 Claw (Northern Spy Records 2014)
自然卷 (Natural Q) 買 (Buy)
What the kids want Hold The Beat (Underground Government 2008)
Robo Sapiens Hips To The Front (mom’s basement blah)
Yuki Kawana The forest on the way home Secret plans of a special artisan (abcdefg*records 2008)
Connecticut four Chutes and Ladders Tiger Shark EP 2009 (now Cristina Bautista )
Otter Fodder Do Me
Construction and Destruction what the none human taught us The Volume Wars (2008)
Liza Kate Suns No Fool HFQ Compliation
Lady Lazarus The Eye Of The Storm (2009)
The Fanclub Teddybear syndrome
Skeleton Bob Heavy Weather (2012)
The Counterlife Spy Vs Spy
The Wingdale Community Singers Bigger Ocean The Wingdale Community Singers (Drag City 2005)
Lucinda Williams Wrong Number Where The Spirit Meets The Bone (Highway 20 records 2014)
The Cellphones Get You Alone Get You Alone (2013)
Agatha Keep Breathing Please Gravis Atque Gravior (Cheap Satanism 2014)
Exit Verse Pull Out The Nails Exit Verse (Damnably 2014)
Sun of nothing  Dead End Nights And Bright Mornings (And The Things Between Em) 2011
Amanda x Friendly Tones Amnesia (Siltbreeze 2014)