Damnably Radio #78

Damnably Radio #78 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

MYRIAM GENDRON Solace Not So Deep as a Well (2014 Mama Bird Recording Co.)
Kahoots I’d Say Take To the Fields (Telegraph Harp records 2014)
Negative Scanner AWOL  live at Young Camelot 04/19/14
The Gotobeds Wasted On Youth/melted candle Poor people are revolting (12xu 2014)
Watery Love Pump The Bimbo Decorative Feeding (2014)
Joel RL Phelps Most Highly Decorated (for Jon Solomon’s 25 hour Xmas Radio marathon on WPRB )
Zebra Hunt Half Right Beaches EP (2013)
Umez Kazega Fuitara Sayonara(Good Bye When The Wind Blow) Catch Me Up EP (2014)
Boomgates Whispering or Singing Double Natural (Bedroom Suck 2012)
Monster Island Managing Expectations House Of Lancaster (2014)
Datbygu Achos Erbyn Hyn (Ankstmusik 2014)
Frida Hyvonen ChampagneTango (2014)
BMX Bandits w/ Miette one Children Song Beautiful friend EP (Elefant 2014)
Lime Crush Honk Tonk (Fettkakoa 2014)
Ex Hex Radio On Rips (Merge 2014)
Flaum Adger Your Soft Addictions Flaum Adger (2013)
Trunks Kniee On The Roof
Agatha A Song For The Different Gravis Atque Gravior (Cheap Satanism 2014)
Negative Scanner Saturday Night/Sunday Morning live at Young Camelot 04/19/14
Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet 16 Encores
Hollow Mountain Lunar Lugar (2014) Chicago band
Universe People ‘Spark In Your Eyes’ Are Coming to the Dance (Dragnet 2014)
Lucinda Williams Stowaway in your heart Where The Spirit Meets The Bone (Highway 20 records 2014)
Violence Cowpiss No uta Violence Rages EP (Casket Records 2012)
Shellac Riding Bikes Dude Incredible (Touch & Go 2014)
Silkworm Bar Ice Chokes! (Comedy Minus One 2014)
Lazarus Clamp Latch The bird is not the metaphor (Damnably 2015)
We Only Said Everything turns cold BORING POOLS (LES DISQUES NORMAL 20114)
Hex Horizontal Electric fence Act Natural ( 2014)
Burn Permits Souvenir OCHS (2014)
Amanda X Things Fall Apart Amnesia (Siltbreeze 2014)
Cellphones Heavy Flow Get You Alone (2013)
LeLe Hey! don’t think Hawaii Coconuts (2013)
Mitski I don’t Smoke Bury me at makeout creek (double double whammy 2014)
Fishboy I’m A Ghost An Elephant (2014)
Rubella Ballet Killilluminati Planet Punk (Overground Records 2014)
Exit Verse Silver Stars Exit Verse (Damnably/EJRC 2014)
DIS- Christ But They’re a few M 386 .D57 1994 (Twelve Inch Records 1994)
Carolee Exit Replacer EP1 (12xu 2011 )
Wussy Beautiful Attica! (Shake It/Damnably 2014)
Laura Cantrel No way There From Here No Way There From Here (Spit & Polish 2013)