Damnably Radio #77

Damnably Radio #77 (some of the best of 2014 with new 2015 tracks) by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

Dick Diver Waste The Alphabet Florida  (Chapter/Trouble In Mind 2015)
Mitski Townie Bury me at makeout creek (double double whammy 2014)
Obnox Molecule Louder Space (12XU 2014)
Negative Scanner  Adults in the shallow end Live @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago 2013
Agatha 1981 Gravis Atque Gravior (Cheap Satanism 2014)
Violence Cowpiss 十戒 (Ten Commandments)Lake of Fake PRF Quarter 3 (PRF 2011)
Flaum Adger The Polaroid of the Evening Flaum Adger (2013)
Xetas The Knife (12XU 2014) http://noisey.vice.com/blog/xetas-fun-fun-fun-fest-interview
Amanda X dream House Amnesia (Siltbreeze 2014)
Lazarus Clamp Latch The bird is not the metaphor (Damnably 2015)
Monster Island Brand not a man House of Lancaster (2014)
Universe People we’re coming to the dance Are Going to The Dance (2014)
Dot Dash Slide 7′ (Fettkakao 2014)
Lime Crush Graveyard 7′(Fettkakao 2015)
Exit Verse Chrome Exit Verse (Damnably/EJRC 2014)
Great Decievers Phantom Strength Great Deceivers/The Pauses 12″ Split(New Granada Records 2012)
Michael Hurley Bad Monsanto Doc GMO
Kath Bloom Criminal Side Pass Through Here (Chapter 2015)
Lucinda Williams Stand Right By Each Other Where The Spirit Meets The Bone (Highway 20 records 2014)
The Small Faces Itchycoo Park (Immediate 1967)
Rubella Ballet Planet Punk Planet Punk (Overground Records 2014)
Zebra Hunt Get Along 7’
The Boomgates Widowmaker 7’ (Mistletone + Bedroom Suck Records 2013)
The Gotobeds New York’s alright ( if you like sex & Phones) Poor people Are revolting (12XU 2014)
Light Coma Getting better Lake of Fake PRF Quarter 5 (PRF 2012)
Burn Permits Pennies from Heaven OCHS (2014)
Umez Yesterday (cover) lingering Dream EP (2014)
Shellac Gary Dude Incredible (Touch & Go 2014)
Violence Cowpiss Secret MOSH  Violence Rages EP by Salem Rages -vs- Violence Cowpiss (Casket Records 2012)
Mitski first love late spring Bury me at makeout creek (double double whammy 2014)
Pipers Son by the hand The Roar From Behind (vacilando 68 2014)
Ex hex Outro Rips (Merge 2014)
Silkworm Internat’l Harbour Of Grace CHOKES! (Comedy minus One 2015)
Wussy Teenage Wasteland live at The Knitting Factory 2014 Oct 10
MJ Hibbett & The Vaildators Easy Christmas (AAS 2010)
John Otway Rocking With The Reindeer (Otway Records 2014)
Tegan & Sara Everything Is Awesome Lego The Movie (Warner 2014)