Damnably Radio #76

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Damnably Radio 76


It’s been Decade since John Peel died and to mark the void we’ve put together a podcast that’s longer than usual. Filled with mostly new music some of which
I like to think John would have played and sung along to in his car.
The Gotobeds Fast Trash People Are Revolting (12XU 2014)
Boomgates Tight Knit 5 Years of Bedroom Suck (Bedroom Suck 2014)
The Kahoots 4 for four Take To the Fields (Telegraph Harp records 2014)
Amanda X Low and Mean amnesia Siltbreeze 2014
Monster Island Beef With Everyone The House Of Lancaster (2014)
Meat Wave 15 years Meat Wave (2012)
capt.lovelace Railroad Club (2014)
Xetas The Silence (12XU 2014)
The Beverleys Hoodwink (Buzz records 2014)
The Bismarck Fake Tits and real Assholes  Wild Praire Rose (Pride of Dakota Records 2013)
Exit Verse Seeds Exit Verse (Damnably 2014)
The Kahoots Take to the Fields Take To the Fields (Telegraph Harp records 2014)
Martha’s Vinyard Ferries Blonde on Blood Mass Grave (Kiam 2013 )
Shellac  Dude Incredible Dude Incredible (Touch & Go 2014)
Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio  ‘Is The New Midnight’ (* new song) Live at Brixton Windmill, London 2014
Universe People  Monster Are Going to The Dance (2014)
Zebra Hunt  20 Ways To Belong *Live
Dick Diver New Name Blues (Fruits & flowers 2014 )
The Go-Betweens Cattle And Cane Live in London (Tag 5 Records 2015)
Lucinda Williams Walk On Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone (Highway 20 records 2014)
Terry Allan Four Corners Bottom of the World (TLA 2013)
Splintered Man Dartford Tunnel Splintered Man (Slow Recordings 2014)
Piper’s Son  Doctor At The Door The Room From Behind (Vacilando ’68 Recording Co)
Ex Hex  Waste Your Time Rips (Merge 2014)
Dog Day Interview Fade Out (2013 )
Fishboy Electrical Elephant  An Elephant (2014)
The Pauses The Beginnings Of Things Split EP (New Granada Records 2012)
Russell & the Wolf Choir Closure The Ivy leaf Agreement (Hearts and stars 2014)
Flaum Adger Worker Class vs know It All Flaum Adger (2013)
Dis- Sleep Mouth M286 .D57 (Twelve inch Records 1994)
Sixto Scandinavian Metal Sixto (Star Star Stereo 2000 )
Burn Permits Plaid Ochs (Cassette Release 2014)
The Gotobeds Fucking Machine People Are Revolting (12XU 2014)
Echolocation Pariah (Haunted By Fame 2014)
Dama/Libra Stravinsky Claw (Northern Spy 20114)
Wussy  Ceremony New Order (*Live Cover 2014)
Bottomless Pit Felt A Little left Shade Perennial (Comedy Minus One 2013)