Damnably Radio #75

Damnably Radio #75 by Damnably Radio on Mixcloud


the Beverleys Dreams Dreams EP (Buzz records 2014)
Meatwave Keep Smoking Meatwave (Let’s Pretend 2012)
Dick Diver Lonely Life (Friuts & flowers 2014 )
Wussy Teenage Wasteland Attica! (Shake It/Damnably 2014)
Universe People Go To the Sun Go To the Sun (Little Black Cloud Records 2013)
Zebra Hunt Only Way Out 7’ (Tenorio Cotobade 2013)
Dog Day Get High Fade Out (2013 )
Amanda X Parsnip (Siltbreeze2013 )
Shonen Knife Ramen Rock Overdrive (Damnably 2014)
smallgang Mirror san (三)  (Damnably 2014)
The Bismarck Necklace of Human Dicks Wild Praire Rose  (Pride of Dakota Records 2013)
Michael Fassbender (w/ Carla Azar and Stephen Rennicks) I Love You All (FRANK film 2014)
Waxeater Game Recognise Game Baltimore Record (Latest Flame 2013)
capt.lovelace Banana Hammock  (2014)
Pastacas & Tenniscoats ‘Yaki Udon’ Yaki Laki (Afterhours 2013)
Dama/Libra Been To The Water Claw (Northern Spy 20114)
Laura Cantrell ‘No way There From Here’ No Way There From Here (Spit & Polish 2013)
Wussy Halloween Attica! (Shake It/Damnably 2014)
Slowgun Heavy Head Boy (2014)
Fishboy Elephant In The Room An Elephant (forthcoming)
Silkworm The Ciggarette Lighters Libertine (Comedy Minus One 2014)
Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio Be First Customs (Moneyshot 2004)
Bottomless Pit Null Set Shade Perennial (Comedy Minus One 2013)
Shellac Dog and Pony Show At Action park (Southern 94’)
Marianne Dissard POMME The Cat. Not Me. (Vacilando 68 2014)
MJ Hibbett Open Bus Tour ‘After The Storm’
smog A hit 7’ (Drag City 1994)
Karate Today or Tomorrow In Place of Real Insight  (Southern Records 1997)
Construction & destruction Keep the Gate Dark Lark (2013)
The Things That People Make, Part 3 construction and destruction w/ The Burning Hell
Like Like The the the Death Here Comes Irregular Cave Jenny  (Latest Flame 2013)
Yucca ‘You Are Right’ single
Piper’s Son Monkeys Mouth digital  4 track EP (Vacilando ’68 Recording Co)
Former Utopia smile live Dingwalls London 2014

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