Damnably Radio #74

Damnably Radio #74 by Damnably Radio on Mixcloud


Exit Verse ‘Perfect hair’ After The Storm (Damnably & Friends 2013)
Big Eye’sHalf The Time’ Almost Famous (Grave Mistake Records 2013)
Laura Cantrell ‘Can’t Wait’ No Way There From Here (Spit & Polish 2013)
American Werewolf Academy ‘Do You Remember’ Out Of Place All The Time (Damnably 2013)
Bottomless Pit ‘Horse Trading’ Shade Perennial (Comedy Minus One 2013)
Frida Hyvonen ‘See How I came Into Town’ Pudel (Licking Fingers 2007)
Terry Allan ‘Sidekick Anthem’ Bottom of the World (TLA 2013)
Pastacas & Tenniscoats  ‘Mizukiri’ Yaki Laki  (Afterhours 2013)
BMX Bandits ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’ After The Storm (Damnably & Friends 2013)
David Grubbs ‘Super -Adequate The Plain Where the Palace Stood  (Drag City 2013)
Construction And DestructionLeviathan and Whale Dark Lark (2013 )
Waxeater ‘Cutty vs. the Tiny Furniture Baltimore Record (Flame 2013)
Link Wray ‘Coppenhagen Boogie’
Fops ‘Sticky Dick Crestfallen 11 (Oct 2013)
Bill Callahan ‘Small Plane Dream River (Drag City 2013)
Minutes ‘Raise Our Fists Up’ Roland (2013)
Daniel Markham ‘Going Insane’ Ruined My Life (2013)
The Fire Harverst ‘Empire Watertree’ After The Storm (Damnably & Friends 2013)
Martha’s Vinyard Ferries ‘Wrist Full of Holes Mass Grave (Kiam/Africantape 2013  )
Lele ‘Hello Hello’ Hawaii Coconuts (2013)
Golden Gurls Come On Over After The Storm (Damnably & Friends 2013)
Russell & The Wolf Choir live at ‘The London MATTATHON’
Crumbling Ghost ‘Poor Murdered Woman’ live at ‘The London MATTATHON’
smallgang ‘Wolf Or Portal’ live at ‘The London MATTATHON’
Slowgun ‘Heavy Head Boy’  live at ‘The London MATTATHON’
Dick Diver ‘Water Damage Calender Days (Chapter Music 2013)
Joel R L Phelps & The Downer Trio ‘Sleeper’s Awake’ Gala (Damnably 2013)
Wussy Duo ‘New American Standard’ (Shake It 2013)
Magnolida Electric Co ‘Dark Don’t Hide It’ Trails & Errors (Secretly Canadian 2005 )
Prisonshake ‘It Was A Very Good Year’ Dirty Moons (Scat 2008)