New release announcement! American Werewolf Academy and Joel R L Phelps & The Downer Trio

Three new releases on Damnably!

DAMNABLY026 - American Werewolf Academy - Out Of Place All The Time

DAMNABLY026 is a brand spanking new album from Dallas rock monsters, American Werewolf Academy! Following on from 2010’s Everything Is Alright So Far, new album Out Of Place All The Time features eleven all new original tracks, 100% analogue tape recorded, mixed and mastered. While still bursting with their signature fun, punk rock energy, this new album is also thematically an altogether slicker, tighter, more mature, straighter sort of rock beast! Available on CD and Digital Download. Out 14 October 2013

DAMNABLY027 - American Werewolf Academy - Edge Of The Bed / Pray A Lie

DAMNABLY027 is a Damnably Webshop exclusive 7″ single Edge of The Bed, from American Werwolf Academy and features on the new album, coupled with B-side Pray A Lie. On Olive Green marbled vinyl, this single is a beeauut! Available from 12 August 2013

DAMNABLY028 - Joel R L Phelps & The Downer Trio - Gala

And finally, DAMNABLY028 is an all new full length album from Joel R. L. Phelps & The Downer Trio! Gala is the first new album from the group since 2004′s critically acclaimed Customs and Joel, guitarist/bassist Robert Mercer & drummer William Herzog have returned with what might be their most powerful work to date. This European version will be available on CD or Digital Download and features 2 bonus tracks and will be out 4 November 2013.

Released by Damnably in Europe, 12XU in US, and Triple Crown Audio Recordings in Canada.