Damnably Backline Hire

Damnably has an ever changing selection of great sounding and quite rare Back line our bands use . If it is not on the road it can be hired with deposit (perfect for music videos shot in London) or a few amps can be bought outright.
For Availability & Prices email info@damnably.com


Traynor TS 50 1 x12′ 50 watt 70’s Solid State
Traynor YGL3 Mark 3 Twin 2×12 70’s Valve 100watt
Fender 65′ Twin Reverb 2 x 12 (Alinico Jenson’s) 100 watt valve in Flight Case
WEM 70’s Dominator Bass MK1 15 watt 1 x 15′ Celestion G15M
Orange Tiny Terror Bass Amp 500Watt / SP2012 ” x 12′ 600 Watt Cab
Selmer Treble & Bass 50 watt 70’s Valve Head 2 x12′  Harley Benton Vintage 30’s Celestion Cab
Torque T65 GL 65 Watt British tranny w/ Celestion G12 F-70


Canopus Yaiba Rock Drum Kit (2 rack toms/1 floor tom)-High Quality Japanese Hand Made Drums. Canopus Snare (5′) in Hardcases.
Pearl Hardware Set in Hardcase slim Coffin
Paiste PST8 Cymbal Set in Hard case


Hartke XL4 Alloy Necked Purple Sparkle Bass Guitar w/ EMG, Active. Rare high-end bass.
Fender Custom 6 Baritone Guitar Reissue, Sunburst. Rare huge sounding instrument.
A variety of Jazzmasters/Jaguars/Tele’s/Jazz Bass’s can also be sourced.

Harmonic Perculator
KOR EdenDrive
KOR Oracle
Tokai Metal/Distortion/Flanger/Chorus also available