Damnably Radio #71

Damnably Radio Podcast #71 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

Dynamic Truths ‘With The Angels’
Wussy ‘Blood & Guts’
Shonen Knife ‘When You Sleep’
Golden Gurls ‘7 Of 10’
The Mountain Goats ‘Memory Of Satan’
Julie Doiron ‘Can’t Take It No More’
Thalia Zedek ‘Get Away’
Michael Hurley & Betsey Nichols ‘River In The Rain’
Monster Island ‘Citizen Spy’
Police Teeth ‘100% Proof Asshole’
Dynamic Truths ‘Headed For The Halfway House’
Former Utopia ‘A Love Like Infinity’
Tenniscoats ‘Moshi Moshi’
Dinosaur Jr ‘What Was That’