Damnably Radio #70

Damnably Radio #70 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

Bottomless Pit ‘Winterwind(fast)’ Lottery (Comedy Minus One 2012)
Ladyhawk ‘No Can Do’ No Can Do (Triple Crown 2012)
Wussy ‘Run Away’ ( Jennie Mae) Berneice Huff and son, Bill sings…Popular Favorites (Wussy 2013)
Golden Gurls ‘Kid Tested’ Typo magic
Plaided ‘It Is Over Toni’ Playdate (Fettkakao 2012)
Policeteeth ‘Life is Precious and God and the Bible’ Police Teeth  (Latest Flame 2012)
Michael Hurley ‘What’llya Do What’llya Say’ Back Home With Drifting Woods (Mississippi Records  2012)
Tenniscoats ’20 Arms’ All Aboard (Chapter 2012)
Chris Brokaw ‘Richard and Vannessa In The box’ Gamber’s Ecstasy (Damnably/12XU/Afterhours 2012)
COME ‘Dead Molly’ 11 11 (Matador 1992)
Monster Island ‘Intern Insurgent Emergency’ The Retaining Wall  (Ballast 2012)
Push/pull –  ‘The Magic’ Between Noise and the Indians (Joyful Noise Recordings 2009)
Dick Diver ‘Michael Jackson’ Alice EP (Chapter 2012)
Waxeater ‘Are those fucking beers cold yet’ Sleeper (Latest Flame 2010I
Big Eyes ‘Back From The Moon’ (Grave Mistake 2012)
Dinosaur Jr ‘Pierce The Morning Rain’ I Bet On the Sky (Jagjaguwar/Pias 2012)
Golden Gurls ‘Double Negatives’ Typo magic
Pile ‘Prom Song’ Dripping (exploding in sound records 2012)
Ladyhawk ‘You Read My Mind’ No Can Do (Triple Crown 2012)
Bottomless Pit State I’m In Lottery (Comedy Minus One 2012)
Mountain Goats ‘The Diaz Brothers’ Transcendental Youth (Tomlab/Merge 2012)
Julie Doiron ‘The Gambler’ So Many Days (Aporia 2012)
Plaided ‘Buried In Stupid Thought’ Playdate (Fettkakao 2012)
Tenniscoats ‘Hoochi Chikoo Man’ All Abroad (Chapter 2012)
Dick Diver ‘Walk for Room’ Alice EP (Chapter 2012)
Geoff Farina ‘St Annes Reel’ Live at 4AD (Damnably 2012)
Shonen Knife   ‘Move On’ Pop Tune (Damnably 2012)
FU ‘Schism’ Collapsar EP (Damnably 2013)
Minutes ‘Igloo’ (Dischord 2012)
Michael Hurley & Betsey Nichols ‘Knockando’ 4 track 7′
Wussy ‘Nomenclature’ (Seedy Seeds cover) Berneice Huff and son, Bill sings…Popular Favorites (Wussy 2013)