Damnably Radio #68

Shannon Wright Commoner’s Saint Secret Blood (Viscious Circle 2010)
Big Eyes Pretend To Care Hard Life (2011)
Dog Day Into The Woods Deformer (Fundog 2011)
Magnetic Fields Quick! Love at the bottom of the Sea (Merge 2012)
Dick Diver Head Back New Start Again (Chapter 2011)
Light Coma  New Fi Nam COUNTERMEASURES(The Roydale Recording Company2011)
The 99’ers I Love My Shonen Knife And Then There Was Surf
Michael Hurley Ohio Blues Sweetkorn (Trikont 2002)
Shannon Wright In The Needle Secret Blood (Viscious Circle 2010)
Lambchop Never My Love Mr M(Merge 2012)
Tenniscoats Tanjobi No Yokan Papa’s Ear (Hapna 2012)
The Pastels and Tenniscoats Sodane Two Sunsets (Domino 2009)
Wussy Magnolia Strawberry (Shake It 2011)
The Mountain Goats  For Charles Bronson  All Eternals Deck(Merge2011)
Jesus Is My Son Héroïsme et Désespoir 1914-1918
Chris Brokaw Hills Stories (Limited Appeal 2011)
No Cars Banana Song
Monster Island Crooked & Et Cathedrel Steps (Ballast 2011)
Genital Hospital Best You’ll Ever Taste Ball My Children (2011)
Spielgusher  Fuck My Sister Spielgusher(clenchedwrench2012)
Versus Deseret The Stars are Insane (TeenBeat 1993)
Minutes …and Friend self titled LP (Dischord 2012)
Geoff Farina Evergreen The Wishes of The Dead (Damnably 2012)
Shannon Wright Merciful Secret Blood of the Noble Man Secret Blood (Viscious Circle 2010)