Damnably Radio #67

Light Coma Remake COUNTERMEASURES(The Roydale Recording Company2011)
Big Eyes
Since You Left
Dog DayEurozone Deformer (2011)
Water the Rocks EP1 (12XU)
Waiting RoomStrawberry (Shake It 2011)
Shipping News Do You remember the avenues One Less Heartless to fear (Karate-Body 2010)
Plaided Oh My Dog! People lying Around in the dirt every day (Fettkakao 2011)
Float and Breathe Self Titled LP( Dischord 2012)
Hikoki Papa’s Ear (Hapna 2012)
Geoff Farina Scotch Snaps The Wishes of the Dead (Damnably 2012)
Neck like a slick tulip Spielgusher (clenchedwrench2012)
Bitch Magnet
Punch and Judy (alternate version) Star Booty (Temporary Residence 2011)
Richard Buckner Confession Our Blood (merge 2011)
The Good life is wastedMr M(Merge 2012)
Dick Diver
Tea Towel Blues New Start Again (Chapter 2011)
American Werewolf Academy My Cloven Hoof Everything is alright so far Damanbly 2011)
Guided by voices
The unsinkable Fats Domino Let’s go eat the factory (Rockathon 2012)
Big Eyes
You Ain’t the only one
The Mountain Goats
Power Great CainAll Eternals Deck(Merge2011)
Blade of Grass The Stars are insane (TeenBeat 1993)
Higa Norboru Papa’s Ear (Hapna 2012)
Splintered Man
I’ll get back to you (2012)
Joel R L Phelps and the downer Trio
Internat’l Harbor of Grace
Chokes EP (12XU 2006)
Bottomless Pit
Red Pen Congress EP (Comedy Minus One 2010)
Spielgusher Bottomless (clenchedwrench2012)
Jonathan Richman
Her mystery not of high heels and eye shadow (Vapour 2001)
The Fall
Bill Is Dead Extricate (Phonogram1990)
SpielgusherSo White (clenchedwrench2012)
Smog Our Anniversary Supper (Drag City 2003
Julie Doiron
and the wooden stars The longest Winter Julie Doiron and the wooden stars (Sappy 1999)
Warren Zevon Dont let us get sick Reconsider Me: The Love Songs (Artemis 2006)