Damnably Radio #66

Geoff Farina Prick up you Ears The Wishes of the Dead (Damnably 2012)
Rainout EP1 (12XU 2011)
Magnetic Fields
Andrew in drag (Merge 2012)
Sheriff of Morlock County Self Titled LP (2012)
Light Coma
Another Year COUNTERMEASURES The Roydale Recording Company2011
if not I’ll just die Mr M (Merge 2012)
Sabuka Papa’s Ear (Hapna 2012)
MJ Hibbett & the Validator
s Literature Search Dinosaur Planet (AAS 2012)
Dick Diver
Interstate Forever New Start Again (Chapter 2011)
Carolee Exit Replacer EP1 (12XU 2011)
Minutes Hey Nineteen self titled LP (2012)
Be 9 The Stars are Insane ( Teenbeat 1999)
Guided by voices
The Room Taking Shape Let’s go eat the factory (Rockathon 2012)
Ivor Cutler
Dad’s Lapse Dandruff (Virgin 2004)
Bitch Magnet
Douglas Leader Umber (Temporary Residence 2011)
Motorcycle Funeral Dress II (Shake It 2011)
The Fervour
Crazy for the feeling Arise, Great Warrior (Karate-Body Records 2011)
Fops on tour For Centuries (Monotreme 2011)
Versus Scientists On the ones and threes (merge 2011)
MJ Hibbett & the Validators Please don’t eat us Dinosaur Planet (AAS 2012)
Light Coma This is gonna break your heart COUNTERMEASURES(The Roydale Recording Company2011)
Lambchop 2B2 Mr M (Merge 2012)
Tenniscoats Papaya Papa’s Ear (Hapna 2012)
Wussy Little Miami Strawberry (Shake It 2011)
Trophy Wives
Bad Tattoo Old Scratch(Latest Flame 2011)
Soft Sounds Last Apple 鳥獣虫魚 / CGCG Publishing 2011)
Geoff Farina Not About a Birthday Hammer and Spade single (damnably 2012)