Damnably Radio #65

Bitch Magnet Punch & Judy Star Booty(Tempory Residence 2011)
Wussy Pulverised Strawberry (Shake It 2011)
American Werewolf Academy Summer Ship Everything is alright so far (Damnably 2011)
Dick Diver New Start Again Life Is Noise (Chapter 2011)
Shonen Knife ‘Sweet Christmas’ LTD Edition White 7′ (Damnably 2011)
Richard Buckner Hindsight Our Blood (Merge 2011)
The Fall Happi Song Ersatz G.B (Cherry Red 2011)
Crumbling Ghost Poor Murdered Woman
FOPS I shot a Parakeet Too Centuries (Monotreme 2011)
Pale Man Made B-Line double a side single
Osaka Ramones Chinese Rock (Damnably 2011)
Teta Mona Soya Sun
Lazarus Clamp Bosphorus 1000 years of Lazarus Clamp (Damnably 2011)
Splintered Man Home To No Home (previously called Your New Friend)
The Fall Nate will not return Ersatz G.B (Cherry Red 2011)
Plaided I say. 7′ EP (Fettkakao 2010)
Dick Diver Through The D Life Is Noise (Chapter 2011)
Blue Beard The Hunter
Bitch Magnet Americruiser Umber (Tempory Residence 2011)
Superchunk where eagles dare
Giant Sand Recovery Mission Tucson Songs (Le Pop Musik 2011)
Toshi(Mordros session) Barley Fungus
Codeine D Frigid Stars (Sub Pop 1991)
The Go-Betweens Spirit The Friends of Rachel Worth (Circus 2000)
Wussy Magnolia Strawberry (Shake It 2011)
Evans The Death Threads (Fortuna Pop! 2011)
Crumbling Ghost Burning Maypole
Kristen Hersh Lazy Eye
Bottomless Pit Kiss Them All (Comedy Minus One 2011)