Damnably Radio #62 Marianne Dissard Special (2011)

Damnably Radio #62 Marianne Dissard Special (2011) by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

Shonen knife Perfect Freedom Digital Single (Damnably 2011)
Versus S
cientists on the one and three (Merge 2011)
The Mountain Goats
Liza forever Minnelli All Eternals Deck (Merge 2011)
Richard Buckner
Traitor Our Blood (Merge 2011)
Marianne Dissard
It’s so hard to come home Loving Takes This Course – A Tribute To The Songs Of Kath Bloom (Chapter 2009)
Marianne Dissard
La Peau Du Lait ‘L’Abandon’(2011) (2011)
Geoff Farina
Goodbye Lizajane (Forthcoming Album)
Dude Handlers Permit Awesomer Than The devil (Latest flame records 2011)
A Hit 7′ (Drag City1994)
Marianne Dissard
L’ Exile ‘L’Abandon’(2011)
Anteroom Past life Martyred Saints (Southerrain Transmissions 2011)
Lobster Repair
Let’s get Twisted exert
Dog Day
Belle Scratches 7
Pull the trigger Master CD (Chapter 2010)
Bmx Bandits
Disco Girl (2008)The rise and fall of BMX Bandits (2009 Elefant)
Marianne Dissard
Le Jour De L’anniversaire L’Abandon’ (2011)
Our Anniversary Supper (Domino 2003)

The Pastels and Tenniscoats
Two Sunsets Two Sunsets (Domino 2009)
Stephen 7′ (2011)
Marianne Dissard
Merci De Rien Du Tout L’entredeux (Orchestra Pit 2010)
Giant Sand
Les Forcats Innocents All over the map (Thrill Jockey 2004)
The Singing Loins
House in the woods House in the woods double 7′ (The Orchestra Pit 2010)
Shonen Knife
P.Y.O Digital Single (Damnably 2011)
The Tenniscoats
Tokinouta TOKINOUTA (Majikick 2011 )
Career Minded Individual Blown Realms & Stalled Explosions (Lancashire and Somerset 2011)
Bill Orcutt
Lip Rich New Ways to Pay Old Debts (Palilalia 2009)
Bill Callahan
One Fine Day Apocalypse (Drag City 2011)
Naked Raygun
The way its supposed to be Last of the DEMOhicans (Dyslexic Records 1997)
Teenage Fanclub
Everything Flows A Catholic Education (Paperhouse 1990 )
The Tenniscoats
Doun Doun Doun Tokinouta (Majikick 2011 )