Rock Against War! – 17 Feb 11

Damnably Presents...
Rock Against War!
Thursday, February 17, 2011
5:00pm - In Aid Of CND - 18+
22 Blenheim Gardens,
London, UK SW2 5BZ
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With Former Utopia, No Cars, Fever Dream, Toshi (Passerines Solo), Catcher Nine

The UK is currently waging two wars.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not to prevent terrorism or to help the people in these countries.

...These wars were instigated for the purposes of oil-extraction and to profit from the manufacture and use/sale of Weapons and equipments used in WAR, paid for by Tax-payers in the UK and US.

...The cost of this is immense.

Taxpayers are funding these wars and we are seeing large cuts in education, Libraries, Social Services and the NHS as a result.

ROCK against WAR says no to WAR, no to TAXES funding murder and profiteering Arms Companies and no to cuts in the very foundations of what makes our nation civilised and worth fighting for in the first place.

CND/Brixton Windmill/Damnably together with hopefully more promoters and protest groups want to highlight these Wars are not necessary. The Cuts are not necessary. Put simply:


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