Damnably Radio Hijack!

Janice Jacked Damnably Radio 1 by Damnably Records on Mixcloud

Carsick Cars You Can Listen You Can Talk You Can Listen You Can Talk Maybe Mars 2009 The Microphones Between Your Ear and the Other Ear It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water K Records 2000 The Raincoats Black and White The Raincoats Rough Trade 1979 Monster Island Typewriter Live at Damnably Summer Alldayer 2010 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her No Star No! No! No! Polystar 2000 The Menace 1 2 3 Red Light The Menace LP Diamond 1968 Wussy Melody Ranch Left For Dead Shake It 2008 Jonathan Richman Give Paris One More Chance Her Mystery Not Of High Heels and Eyeshadow American Werewolf Academy – The Hop The Hop/The Kid Stays In The Picture 7” Damnably 2011 Giant Drag This Isn’t It Hearts & Unicorns Kickball Records 2006 The Walkmen Woe Is Me Lisbon Bella Union 2010 Shonen Knife I Wanna Be Sedated Burning Farm (Bonus Track) MCA Victor 1995 Reissue Go!Go!7188 ええじゃないか(ee ja nai ka) Go!GO!GO!Go! FlyingStar Records 2010 Roy Orbison Candy Man “Crying” B Side Monument 447 1961 Hang On The Box I’m Not Sexy Foxy Lady Benten 2004 Ourself Beside Me Here I Come Ourself Beside Me Maybe Mars 2009 Shellac Elephant Excellent Italian GreyhoundTouch & Go 2007 Chochukmo Tell her (Laura I Love her) The King Lost His Pink Chochuckmo 2009 Julie Doiron Le Piano Live at The Luminaire 2009 smallgang 1532 Trespasses Damnably 2011