Damnably Radio #58

Shonen Knife Rock’n’Roll Cake Free Time (Damnably 2011)
Jonathan Richman
Couples must fight Her Mystery not of High Heels and Eye Shadow (Vapor 2001)
Seasons Completely Removed (Dischord 2010)
Shut Up Fourteen Ghosts (I and Ear Records 2006)
Dick Diver
Walk For Room Arks Up EP (Chapter Music)
Shipping news The Delicate One Less Heartless To Fear (Karate Body 2010)
Lazarus Clamp
You Need Good Tools It Ain’t What You Do, It’s What It Does To You (Bearos 2008)
Crumbling Ghost
The Collector Crumbling Ghost (Withered Hand 2011)
Monogamon Lullabies for the sedated Songs to swim to (2011)
Annika Norlin Åkej
SONJA ÅKESSON TOLKAD AV släpps (Playground Music 2010)
Secondhand Clothes Secondhand Clothes EP (Too Pure 1991)
Shipping news
Bad Eve One Less Heartless To Fear (Noise Pollution 2010)
American Werewolf Academy
Kid Stays in the Picture 7′ Single(Damnably 2011)
Giant Drag
Swan Song Swan Song EP (2010 Roar Scratch )
Mike Watt
Bird in the Helmet Hyphenated-Man (Parabolica 2010)
Jerry Lee Lewis w/ Gillian Welch
Please release me Mean Old Man (Verve 2010)
Blast Off Country Style
Hey Hey I Love You Bitch! C’MON & BLAST OFF(Teenbeat 1994)
Naked Raygun Surf Combat Throb Throb (Homestead 1984)
River The Stars are Insane (Teenbeat 1999)
Jonathan Richman
I was the one she came for O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth (Vapor 2010)
Dick Diver
Purgatory Arks Up EP (Chapter Music)
Jim O Rourke
Prelude to 110 or 220 women of the world Eureka (Drag City 1999)
Revulsion of the self
Harry Pussy
Mic Check You’ll Never Play This Town Again (Load 2008)
Slow Down Molasses
(Feat Julie Doiron) Feather Walk into The Sea (Little Pictures Recording Concern 2010)
THE Twerps Little Guys The Twerps (chapter 2009 )
Jumpin chinese master (Weird Dance EP 2011)
Naked Raygun
Live wire Jettison (Caroline 1988)
Charlie Louvin
How beautiful heaven must be Steps to heaven (Tompkins Square 2008)
Jerry lee Lewis w/
Soloman Burke Railway to Heaven Mean Old Man (Verve 2010)
The Pixies
In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)Live 7′
Crumbling Ghost
Aggropronto Crumbling Ghost (Withered Hand 2011)
Lazarus Clamp
Tom Waits for No Man (tribute to ‘Boxy and Star‘ 1999)