Damnably Radio #57

Jonathan Richman Her Mystery not of High Heels and Eye Shadow Her Mystery not of High Heels and Eye Shadow (Vapor 2001)
For WMF Completely Removed (Dischord 2010)
shipping news
This is not an exit One Less Heartless To Fear (Noise Pollution 2010)
The Magic Words
Loaded for Bear Junk Train (Shake It)
I’ll Be Your Coffin Fourteen Ghosts (I and Ear Records 2006)
Martha’s Vineyard Ferries
Get Them Young In The Pond (Sick Room Records 2010)
Jenny Omnichord
Kings of London Cities of Gifts and Ghosts(Weework2008)
Natural Q
C’est La Vie C’est La Vie
Don’t want to be Grant Mclennan Tea Toast & Turmoil (Shake 2003)
Frida Hyvönen
Neeijjj SONJA ÅKESSON TOLKAD AV släpps (Playground Music 2010)
Captian Beefheart
Odd Jobs Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)(Revenant 2000)
Mike Watt
Man Shitting man Hyphenated-Man (Parabolica 2010)Watt from Pedro Show
Int’l Harbor of Grace Chokes! (12xu2006)
Giant Sand
Fields of green Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire 2010)
Lazarus Clamp
Artist (Giant Sand Cover)
Shonen Knife
(Love is life a) Heat Wave The Birds and the B Sides (Virgin Records 1996)
Shipping news
Antebellum One Less Heartless To Fear (Karate Body 2010)
Jonathan Richman
O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth ( Vapor 2010)
Robert Forster
It’s not what you think

Mike Watt
Hell Building Man Hyphenated-Man (Parabolica 2010)
Construction and Destruction
Bear mutatis mutandis (The Quarantine 2010)
We Could Be Others Completely Removed (Dischord 2010)
Balboa’s Cannon Helium Octipede, (Tim/Kerr1994)
Harry Pussy
Smash The Mirror You’ll Never Play This Town Again (Load 2008)
The Cedars
Tiptoe Through the Tulips Micro EP 2
Head Of Programmes
Goodbye forever Goodbye Forever (UPR 2010)
MJ Hibbett & The Validators
Billy Jones Is Dead Forest Moon of Enderby (AAS2010)
Michael Hurley
The End of the road Sweetcorn ( Trikont 2006)