Damnably Radio #55

Marnie Stern Risky Bussiness Marnie Stern (Kill Rock Stars 2010)
Shannon Wright
Violent Colours Secret Blood (Vicious Circle 2010)
Wake up under truck The Precious Prize of Gravity (Temporary Residence 2009)
Construction and Destruction
The appeal of the master dredger mutatis mutandis (The Quarantine 2010)
John Lennon
Gimme Some Truth Imagine (Apple/EMI 1971)

Sore Ga Afrirampo We Are Ucho No Ko (Rock Action 2010)
Marnie Stern
Female Guitarists Are The New Black Marnie Stern (Kill Rock Stars 2010)

Neal Young
Hitchhiker Le Noise (Reprise 2010)
Giant Sand
Chunk of coal Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire 2010)
Captain Beefheart
Abba Zabba Safe as Milk (RCA 1967)

Daniel Johnston
The Sun Shines Down On Me The Late Great Daniel Johnston – Discovered Covered (Gammon 2004)
Chris Brokaw
X’s for Eyes Incredible Love ( Rock Action 2006)

Chris Brokaw & Geoff Farina
The Boarder’s Door The Boarder’s Door (Damnably 2010)
Construction and Destruction
The Oracle Mutatis Mutandis (The Quarantine 2010)

Dear Thief
Cordoba Under Archway (Orchestra Pit 2010)

MR. Ron Jetson
House of Strange The Return of the Sleeping Policemen (Orchestra Pit 2010)

Shonen knife
Barnacle Fun Fun Fun (Tomatohead 2007)