Damnably Radio #54

Superchunk Slow Drop Majesty Shredding (Merge 2010)
Shannon Wright
Fractured Secret Blood (Vicious Circle 2010)
Fenton Weils
Hawaii Five 0 Viva Villa (Jellyfant)
Ashtray Boy
Late Night Mating Dance The Euro (Jellyfant 2003)
Susie Hug
Out Of Nowhere Tuscon Moonshine (V68 2010)
Giant Sand
Monk’s Mountain Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire 2010)

Daughter’s Leaving The Precious Prize of Gravity (Temporary Residence 2009)
Harry Pussy
Chuck! You’ll Never play This Town Again (Load 2008)
Ford Maddox Ford Mr Superlove (Okra 1990)
Arrows Tresspasses (Damnably 2011)
Tender Trap
Suddenly Dansette Dansette (Fortuna POP! 2010)
allo darlin’ let’g go swimming allo darlin‘ (Fortuna POP! 2010)
MJ Hibbett & The Validators
The Drummer’s Lament Forest Moon of Enderby (AAS2010)
Head Of Programmes
The Magnetic South Goodbye Forever (UPR 2010)
Neal Young
Angry World Le Noise
Punk Explained To My Mother
Farmhand Crippledriver (Withered Hand 2010)
Daniel Johnston
& Beam True love will find you in the end Beam Me Up!! (Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics 2010)
Geoff Farina
Prelapsarian The Boarder’s Door (Damnably 2010)
Robert Wyatt
Shipbuilding Nothing Can Stop Us (Rough Trade 1982)
Mice Parade
Recover What it means to be left handed (Fatcat 2010)
Shannon Wright
Satellites Secret Blood (Vicious Circle 2010)
Chris Brokaw
Criminals The Boarder’s Door (Damnably 2010)
Jonathan Richman
The Silent Treatment (Live)
Pombagira Idol Of Perversity Black Axis Abraxas (Withered Hand2010)