Damnably Radio #53

Shonen knife Economic Crisis Free Time (Damnably 2010)
Learned to Surf Majesty Shredding (Merge 2010)

Maple MountainYeth Yeth Yeth (monotreme 2010)
Mice Parade
Do your eyes sparkle What it means to be left handed (FatCat 2010)
The Thin LineThe Precious Prize of Gravity (Temporary Residence 2009)
Bottomless Pit Is it a Ditch
Blood Under The Bridge (Comedy Minus One 2010)
Geoff Farina
Hammer and Spade The Boarder’s Door (Damnably 2010)
Kath Bloom
Fall Again Come Here The Florida Years (Power Shovel Audio 2005)
MJ Hibbett & The Validators Let The Weird Band Win Forest Moon of Enderby (AAS2010)
Slayer Vs Morrissey (Taken from a new album they wish to release)
Bill Orcutt My Reckless Ways
A New Way to Pay Old Debts (Palilalia 2010)
Jonathan Richman Everyday Clothes Jonathan Richman (Rounder 1989)
Decatur Headsparks (Homestead 1992)
Numbers The Precious Prize of Gravity (Temporary Residence 2009)
Howe Gelb
Nailed to the Sky 7’ of ‘Sno’ double 7’ (The Orchestra Pit 2010)
Sister Ray Nelson
Judgement Anthology of American Folk Vol 2B (SmithsonionFolkways 1997)
Your New Friend Kicking A Couple Around EP (Drag City 1996)
Monster Island The Green Room
The Wolfgang Press
I’m Coming Home (Mama) The Legendary Wolfgang Press and other tall stories (4AD1985)
Marianne Dissard L’ Embellie L’ Embellie (Vacilando 68 2010)
Scandinavian Preppie Yeth Yeth Yeth (monotreme 2010)
Shonen knife
Rock and Roll Cake Free Time (Damnably 2010)
Daniel Johnston & Beam
Devil Town Beam Me Up!! (Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics 2010)
Smallgang Tresspasses Tresspasses (Damnably 2011)
No Cars
Don’t Take him Back (Fortuna Pop! 2010)
Joel R L Phelps T
wenty four hours Customs (Moneyshot2004)
The Magic Words
Jonah Junk Train (Shake it)
Chris Brokaw
They’re Hanging Me Tonight The Boarder’s Door (Damnably 2010)