Damnably Radio #51

Afrirampo Miracle Lucky Girls WE ARE UCHU NO KO (Rock Action 2010)
Tre Orsi Tiny Executive Devices and Emblems (Comedy Minus One 2010) 
Fops Solid Copper Huntress Yeth Yeth Yeth (monotreme 2010)
Curtis Harvey Words Bag of Stones (Fat Cat 2009)
Nina Nastasia Cry Cry Baby The Outlaster (Fatcat 2010)
American Werewolf Academy The Kid stays in the picture
Bill Callahan Our Anniversary Rough Travel For A Rare Thing (Drag City 2010)
Smog Children Shake Rattle and Roll (this is hell) (Feat. Lady Lazarus)
The Moaners Humid Air Holidays For Quince Compliation
Liza Kate Sun’s no fool HFQ Compliation
Michael Hurley Jock’s Lament Armchair Boogie (Racoon/WB 1971)
Kath Bloom Come Here Loving Takes This Course (Chapter Music, 2009)
John Grant Jesus Hates Faggots Queen Of Demark (Bella Union 2010)
Adam Green Boss Inside Minor Love (Rough Trade 2010)
Brian Jonestown MassacreTelegram Bravery noise and repetition (Bomp! Records 2001)
Daniel johnston I had lost my mind Is and Always Was (Eternal Yip Eye Music 2009) 
Black Swans Mean Medicine Don’t Blame it on the Stars
Bottomless Pit QED Blood Under The Bridge (Comedy Minus One 2010)
Oliver Mtukudzi Kupokana
自然卷 (Natural Q) 買 (Buy)
Dysrthymia Festival of popular delusions Psychic Maps (Relapse Records 2009)
Daniel Johnston Queenie the doggie Is and Always Was (Eternal Yip Eye Music, 2009)
JugoPlastica Kiss Hug Bite Say Hello to the kid ( Ernie productions 2010)
Susie Hug A Modern Lie Tuscson Moonshine (Vacilando 68 2010)
Drop Nineteens Winona Delaware (Caroline 1993)
The Go-Betweens
Love goes on (from ‘Live Snap’ Radio show).
John Cooper Clarke Interview
自然卷 (Natural Q) 坐 在巷口的那对男女 (The Couple Sitting In The Alley
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