Damnably Radio #45

Built To Spill Tomorrow There Is No Enemy (Warner Bros 2009) www.myspace.com/builttospill
Maglight Wussy (Shake It 2009)
Shotgun jimmie Mind crumb http://www.myspace.com/jimjimers
Good rice family aoooo (2009) www.myspace.com/oneonejp
Arirampo URUSA IN JAPAN ( Ki/oon Records 2005) www.myspace.com/afrirampo
Babes in Toyland
Ripe to Mother (Southern 1990) www.myspace.com/babesintoylandmusic
Dinosaur JR
Start choppin Where you been? (Blanco y Negro 1993) www.myspace.com/dinosaurjr
In out Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Matador 1994) www.myspace.com/comeband
Joel R L Phelps
and the downer trio Lost continent The Downer Trio:3 (My Pal God Records 1998) www.myspace.com/joelrlphelps
Migu Floating Pulling From Above (Commons 2009) www.myspace.com/migumusic
Wingdale community singers
I’m in the mood (to drive) Spirit Duplicator (Scarlet Shame Records 2009) www.myspace.com/thewingdalecommunitysingers
Gastr del sol
Fore Soren Mueller The Serpentine Similar (Drag City 1993) www.myspace.com/gastrdelsolband
Sandy Yang Ideals www.myspace.com/yangsandy
Connecticut four
Once electric Tigershark EP (2009) www.myspace.com/connecticutfour
Head of programmes
Police light The Magnetic South (Found objective/Cough 2008)
We only said killjoy We only Said (Range Ta Chambre 2009) www.myspace.com/weonlysaid
Simon Joyner
Joy Division The Cowardly Traveler Pays His Toll (Sing, Eunuchs! LP 1995) www.myspace.com/simonjoyner
Magic Words Wussy (Shake It 2009) www.myspace.com/wussymusic
Concaves Atone (Southern 2009)
The Mountain Goats
Isaiah 4523 The Life Of The World to Come (4AD 2009) www.myspace.com/themountaingoats
The Wingdale Community Singers
Death is only a dream Spirit  Duplicator (Scarlet Shame Records 2009) www.myspace.com/thewingdalecommunitysingers
Joel R L Phelps and the downer trio
Landslide The Downer Trio:3 (My Pal God Records 1998) www.myspace.com/joelrlphelps
Cultureside UK ‘I’m being experimental-look at me experiment’ The Locust of Control
(Put him in the Curry Records 2009)