DAMNABLY001 – Former Utopia Vs Michael L. Clamp Split 7′

Damnably releases it’s first record!

250 numbered Limited Edition copies of this 3 track vinyl 7′. Each comes with a CD featuring 2 bonus tracks, as well as the three on the record.

Side A:
Former utopia – ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’

Side B:
Michael L. Clamp – ‘Don’t Fence me in’
The Philanthropists – ‘I Love Micky’

Bonus Tracks:
Stupidity For Blood – ‘The Prettiest Robot’
Former Utopia – ‘Recalcitrant Blues’

The cover versions aspect of this project came about thanks to Dave Dixie of Sorted Records who is an avid collector of vinyl 78’s and who suggested it would be fun to do updated versions of 78’s.

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