David Grubbs – 22 May 09

Damnably Presents...
David Grubbs
Friday, May 22, 2009
8:00pm - with support from Michael L. Clamp, Former Utopia - 18+
18-22 Ashwin Street,
London, UK E8 3DL
Other Info
Louisville, Kentucky-born David Grubbs is a recording artist and writer who has recently completed his tenth solo album: An Optimist Notes the Dusk.

A key figure in the US post punk scene, Grubbs was a founding member of Squirrel Bait (who became Slint), Bastro, and Gastr del Sol (with Jim O Rourke) and he also played and still plays in The Red Krayola and The Wingdale Community Singers and with Will Oldham, Codeine, Matmos and Loren Connors.

It is difficult not to overstate just how important David Grubbs has been to many music scenes since the early 80’s innovating and at the very forefront of Post Punk, Slowcore, Math Rock, Alt Country, Quirky Pop and his very own brand of uber-complex, dischordant and deconstructed composition. A true one off!

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