Damnably Radio #38

Joel R. L. Phelps and the downer trio Then slowly turn Blackbird (Pacifico 1999)

Bonnie Prince Billy
Beware your only friend Beware (Drag City 2009)
Bill Callahan
Eid ma clack shaw Sometimes I wish we were an Eagle (Drag City 2009)
Julie Doiron
Blue I can wonder what you did with your day (Jagjaguar2009) www.myspace.com/juliedoiron
Angela desveaux
Shape youMighty Ship (Thrill Jockey 2008) www.myspace.com/angeladesveaux
Man or Astroman
Invasion of the dragonmen Is It…Man or Astro-Man? (Estrus Records 1993) www.myspace.com/manorastroman
Tanto tanto mangiare Parakonpe 3000 (360records 2009) www.myspace.com/sputnikomusic
Nina Katchadourion
If Jesus was my boyfriend www.myspace.com/ninakatchadourian
Motorcycle Funeral Dress (Shake It 2007) www.myspace.com/therealwussy
Terry Allen
The beautiful waitress Lubbock on everything (Sugarhill [Country] 1979)
Cotton girl Libertine (El Recordo 1994) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dil3f7nwDYk
Old things Frigid stars (Sub Pop 1994) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaRrVFzIS5Y
Outside is the drama The Bed is in the Ocean (Southern Records1998)
Bill Callahan
Jim Cain Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle (Drag City 2009)
Shellac The Billard player song The Rude Gesture (A Pictoral History) (Touch and Go 1993) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-alPPwSBRo